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The FCC killed net neutrality. What’s next?

The FCC has killed net neutrality; we look at what’s next — we hear what two FCC Commissioners said just before their vote, our guest in the studio talked about next steps for people who...

July 12 was the Net Neutrality Day of Action {UPDATED}

FCC Commissioners are set to vote on Net Neutrality this Thursday. The Commission will likely vote along party lines – 3 yes repeal votes from the Rs and 2 no repeal votes from the Ds....
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Florida man wrongly told he couldn’t vote knew his rights

A man in East Tampa almost gave up before voting this morning after being told he wasn’t on the rolls; after more than an hour, Virgil Campbell was able to update his address and vote at...
Laila Abdelaziz

Tampa Muslim reacts to “Islamophobic” joke by Florida legislator

This show is a look at Islamophobia in the Florida Legislature and on the presidential campaign trail; we spoke with a Tampa Muslim who says she was the victim of Islamophobic bigotry by a member of...
Laila Abdelaziz

CAIR opposes Florida bill it says targets human rights defenders

A bill in the Florida Legislature would sanction groups that organize boycotts of or divestment from Israel or from companies that contribute to alleged human rights abuses in Israel and Palestine. But HB 527 isopposed by the Council on...
Laila Abdelaziz

CAIR responds to threats to St. Pete mosques

Update: On Tuesday the man was arrested. Listen to the story here: http://www.wmnf.org/cair1117/ Late Friday attacks in Paris killed at least 129 people, ISIS has claimed responsibility — and there have been threats to local mosques,...

Florida This Week; listeners discuss Paris terrorist attacks

By Rob Lorei We start off today with the latest edition of Florida this week, a political discussion show broadcast by local PBS station WEDU on Friday nights and moderated by Radioactivity Host Rob Lorei....
Bob Buckhorn

Tampa Mayor will veto police review board ordinance

Note: after this story was published, Tampa City Council moved forward with an ordinance creating a police review board with only four members selected by council. Mayor Buckhorn said he will sign that. The original...
Laila Abdelaziz

Critic says Buckhorn’s Police review board not independent

On Friday, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn announced a new Citizens Review Board to keep an eye on the city’s police department; on WMNF’s MidPoint, Seán Kinane spoke with Laila Abdelaziz, a critic who is part of...

CAIR Florida on FBI lawsuit and controversial film

CAIR Florida on FBI lawsuit and controversial film

Local progressive Muslim activist speaks out on tragic shooting in France.

Local progressive activist and Muslim-American speaks out on tragic shooting in France.

Tampa activists upset after no indictment of Ferguson cop

Tampa activists upset with no indictment of Ferguson cop

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