DeSantis signs into law a ban on selling or manufacturing lab-grown meat in Florida

In addition to banning lab-grown meat, the law also prevents local regulation of electric-vehicle charging stations.

A ‘cultivated’ meat ban is approved by the Florida Senate

The Florida Senate on Thursday approved a wide-ranging bill that would ban the sale of what Gov. Ron DeSantis has described as “fake meat”

PETA Challenges Florida Bills Proposing Preemptive Ban on Cell-Cultured Meat

Listen:   In response to proposed bills by Florida lawmakers, PETA strongly criticizes the preemptive ban on cell-cultured meat. PETA, calls for renaming the bills to “Special Interests’ Dirty Habits Retention Act of 2024,” Campaign...

Director of “Meat The Future” doc discusses her extended foray into the world of cultivated meat

Liz Marshall—a documentary director whose latest film, “Meat The Future,” examines the realm of “cultivated meat,” generated in a lab setting, from animal cells, but these animals remain unharmed—explains in a recent “Talking Animals” interview...

New Study About Growing Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Links It to Meat Production, Factory Farming and Fertilizer

Radioactivity August 2, 2017 11AM Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up- we’ll talk later about the new lawsuit filed against FOX News over allegedly issuing a false story about former Democratic...

Sarasota schools go meatless on Mondays

Sarasota schools go meatless on Mondays

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