The Scoop: Wed. May 15th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Maryland woman conspiring with neo-Nazi A Maryland woman has pleaded guilty to conspiring with Neo-Nazi leader Brandon Russell, from Tampa. Russell co-founded a neo-Nazi group called Atomwaffen Division. He is charged with conspiracy to damage...
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The Scoop: WMNF’s daily digest of news headlines for Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

LISTEN HERE: “Stay Woke” bus tour makes its way through Florida this week With elections getting more of the spotlight in anticipation of the presidential election year, voting rights organizations are taking a “votercade” bus...
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Gulfport Pride is Saturday in south Pinellas County

In Gulfport, Florida, about 120 people enthusiastically cheered at the end of a short ceremony when the LGBTQ Pride flag was raised.

The Scoop: WMNF’s daily digest of news headlines for Thursday, June 1st, 2023

LISTEN HERE: Scrub Jay faces extinction – one group is fighting to save it Property owners could soon have one additional tool to help save a native Florida bird that’s at risk for extinction. City...
St. Petersburg mayor at LGBTQ Pride event

Mayor slams Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law as St. Pete kicks off Pride month

At the start of St. Pete Pride Month, Mayor Ken Welch slams Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law as harmful to LGBTQ people.

MidPoint: Say Gay, Celebrate Pride

As the state of Florida waits for the "Don't Say Gay" bill to pass into law with the signature of Gov. DeSantis, the push-back has been loud. On MidPoint this week, host Shelley Reback, along...
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DeSantis signs trans girls sports ban on first day of LGBTQ Pride month, protests and legal challenges swiftly follow

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a controversial bill banning transgender girls from Florida school sports into law Tuesday, the first day of LGBTQ Pride Month. Protests and promises of legal challenges swiftly followed the signing. LISTEN:...
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Gulfport Pride 2021 – pictures and voices

On Saturday, the south Pinellas city of Gulfport celebrated LGBTQ Pride with a parade and festival. WMNF interviewed Barbara Banno, one of the organizers of Gulfport Pride. She owns the Gulfport restaurant Stella’s and is...
Tampa Pride 2021

Tampa Pride Returns to Ybor City

On Saturday thousands gathered in Ybor City to celebrate the first major PRIDE event of 2021. The day included vendors set up throughout Ybor City, the first street parade in the Tampa Bay Area since...

Tampa Pride is this weekend in Ybor City

This weekend is the Tampa Pride festival; most events are centered in Ybor City on Saturday. To find out what people can expect, WMNF spoke with Nancy Desmond from Tampa Pride. “Tampa Pride is the...

After St. Pete Pride, revelers were confronted by masked men with Nazi flag

Early on Sunday morning, when there were still hundreds of revelers from Saturday’s St. Pete Pride parade on the streets of the EDGE District, masked men in the bed of a pick-up truck hoisted a...

St. Pete Pride expects 200,000 for Saturday’s 2018 LGBTQ+ parade

This week is St. Pete Pride, one of the South’s largest LGBTQ+ celebrations; the Tampa Bay Times reports that police are investigating threats against the Pride weekend posted on social media. To find out what...

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