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The State of Our State’s Public Education Today

What is the state of public education in Florida today, with Norin Dollard, Senior Policy Analyst / Florida KIDS COUNT Director, Florida Policy Institute, and Damaris Allen, Executive Director of Families for Strong Public...

MidPoint-DeSantis’ Hostile Takeover of Public Education

MidPoint looks at the hostile takeover of Florida public education by DeSantis and Christian conservatives

MidPoint: Florida Legislature and the War on Teachers

The Florida Constitution provides that all children are guaranteed a quality public education, but the Florida legislature is undermining that guarantee with education policies that drive more children to private and charter schools for profit...

Paula Dockery joins Radioactivity to talk about the upcoming Florida legislative session

WMNF’s Radioactivity February 2, 2017 Paula Dockery served 16 years in the state legislature from 1996 to 2012 as a Republican representing districts in Polk County. The last ten years she was a member of...

Radioactivity remembers Terry Tomalin, outdoors writer for the Tampa Bay Times

By Rob Lorei On Radioactivity Monday we started with the latest edition of Florida This Week , a political talk show from local PBS station that hosted by Rob Lorei. In this episode, our panel of...

Florida immigrant tuition bill is a victory for advocates, but not entirely

Florida immigrant tuition bill is a win, but not entirely

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