Florida redistricting

Florida congressional redistricting trial is set for September 2023

A trial is scheduled in a court challenge to a congressional redistricting plan that Ron DeSantis pushed through the Florida Legislature.
university of south florida

Judge blocks Florida’s Stop WOKE law on race-related instruction

A federal judge blocked Florida's "positively dystopian" Stop WOKE law that restricts how race can be taught in universities.
free speech news first amendement constitution free press

The Florida government targets a ruling that restricts the Stop WOKE law’s workplace training rules

Florida urged a federal appeals court to toss out an injunction against a law restricting how race can be addressed in workplace training.
University of South Florida

University tenure review could be tied to Florida’s “Stop WOKE” law on race instruction

A Florida law to restrict the way race-related topics can be taught could factor into a new tenure-review process for university professors.
blm black lives matter

A judge is considering Florida’s “Stop WOKE” law that deals with instruction about race issues

A federal judge sparred with attorneys about Florida's controversial "Stop WOKE" law that restricts race-related instruction.

MidPoint: Judge sides with business leaders who say DeSantis’ “Stop WOKE” law hurts Florida businesses

Local businesses have sued to have DeSantis’ “Stop Woke” law declared unconstitutional under the First Amendment because it purports to censor what their private businesses can say to their employees, especially in diversity, equity &...

A new report says the pandemic resulted in the highest-ever rates of death due to alcohol, drugs and suicide in the U.S.

The U.S. experienced the highest ever combined rates of deaths due to alcohol, drugs, and suicide during the COVID-19 pandemic's first year.

Surly Voices: Gasparilla revisited, U.S. Supreme Court, social hierarchies

Condescending pilots dressed as pirates, a potential new nominee to the United States Supreme Court, and a broader look at the lens we view society through. Hosts Amina, Donna and Liz covered it all on...

Report says coronavirus is killing more young people in Florida and race is a factor

Here is a link to many coronavirus resources The New York Times reports coronavirus deaths among young Floridians are on the rise and race is playing a factor. While the mythos surrounding COVID-19 has been...

Friday vigil/memorial planned for Markeis McGlockton in Clearwater

A year ago this Friday, a black man was shot and killed outside a convenience store in Clearwater after shoving, then backing away from, a white man who was yelling at his girlfriend. Michael Drejka’s...
Colin Kaepernick Take a Knee protest

Manatee County students fight back against ban on taking a knee

Schools in Manatee County got an email recently from the district Supervisor of Athletics telling athletic directors that it would break district rules if student athletes don’t stand during the national anthem. The memo says...

Women’s Show 9/28: Clinton’s Righteous Anger & Black Lives Win in the Age of Trump?

Thoughts for the week……With the frantic pace of the chaos, we barely have a chance to finish a sentence – so… 1.      Where is the US Navy – the largest naval force in the world –...

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