The Business of Marijuana; Remote Area Medical to bring free clinic to Bradenton

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By Rob Lorei

With recreational pot legal in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington and legal medical marijuana initiatives being considered around the country, the cannabis industry is set to becoming a booming business, possibly bigger than the organic food industry, according to one study.  We discuss legal issues regarding the commercialization of marijuana is one of the leading experts on the subject, Richard Blau from the Tampa law firm Gray Robinson. He touches on current laws on non-euphoric medicinal cannabis, hemp production, and what the business of legal marijuana would look like in Florida.

Then later in the program, we talk with Remote Area Medical founder Stan Brock, whose charity group will be providing free dental, medical and optical services at Manatee Technical College Campus on SR-70 East on  November 21 and 22. Brock started RAM in 1986, and it has since served over 700,000 people who otherwise would have limited access to adequate medical care. The free services in Bradenton will be provided on a first come, first serve basis starting at 3 am of each clinic day.