The Church Of Scientology responds To Janet Reitman’s book Inside Scientology

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Last Monday on this program we featured an interview with Janet Reitman, author of a new book called Inside Scientology. Reitman describes the book as the first objective book on Scientology. It describes a church with fewer members than what church officials proclaim. It describes an autocratic ruler in charge of the church-David Miscavage who is allegedly obsessed with money, the sexual lives of his parishioners and who has occasionally been violent toward to staffers. The church is described in the book as obsessively secret and which is especially punitive toward dissenters and ex members. Even before the interview started last week the station manager of WMNF was contacted by a church official asking that the church be informed ahead of time of the topics we plan to address.

I contacted that official directly last week and offered her time to respond to the book INSIDE SCIENTOLOGY and so we’re joined now by Pat Harney who is the public affairs director of the Church of Scientology. Also here is Brett Miller who is a public member of the church.