Two Women, Writing From Experience? (on Life Elsewhere)


Siv Jakobsen first made an appearance on Life Elsewhere in the summer of 2015. At that time, Norman B predicted we would be hearing more from, “An artist who displays a maturity, way beyond her years.”  Siv is back with a new single, a wonderful primer for her forthcoming album, expected later this year.

All the enthusiastic accolades we heaped upon the Oslo-based singer-songwriter two years ago are proven again with Like I Used To. This time, Siv confidently begins the song unaccompanied. Not an easy task for even the most seasoned of performers. Her distinctive voice effectively takes hold of the listener’s attention as she unfolds a tale of unrequited love. 

Siv’s plaintive singing and lyrics promise that her as yet unnamed album will be one of the most anticipated releases this year. In the next edition of Life ElsewhereSiv Jakobsen joins Norman B to talk about her new single and her upcoming album, but, will she let us know if her songs are written from experience?

Diana Kirk does not keep us guessing if she is writing from experience. In fact, the Portland, Oregon-based writer is deliberately provocative, “This book is a memoir. Ish, So, it’s all totally true. Kinda. Except for the parts that aren’t.” She says with an impish smile.

Her book Licking Flames, Tales Of A Half-Assed Hussy has been called, “Sexy, raw and funny,” and “Like listening to Courtney Love sing My Way.  Diana Kirk has written unapologetically brash essays on sex, drugs, and travel. She spins stories of her imperious teen years, bodacious exploits as a young adult and prickly tales of a grown woman who makes and breaks rules. Norman B will interview Diana with one finger hovering over the seven-second delay button, next on Life Elsewhere.

Plus, Hugh, the London-based group we continue to rave about have a new release. It’s a cover, a medley of Roxette’s It Must’ve Been Love and Monsta Boy’s I’m Sorry. Hear it first at Life Elsewhere!

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