United for Care’s Ben Pollera pushes back on new poll that shows Amendment 2 losing

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Today the Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9 and the UF Bob Graham Center published a poll that showed Amendment Two, the Medical Marijuana initiative scheduled to be placed on this November’s ballot in Florida, to be drawing only 56 percent support. If that were to be the case come November, the measure would fail (citizens generated constitutional amendments must pass with 60 percent support).

Pushing back on the survey’s results on the air today was Ben Pollera, the spokesman for United for Care, the group advocating for its passage. Pollera also talked about his disdain for Charlotte’s Web, the bill that the Legislature passed this year that he says is not true medicinal marijuana. And he weighs in on the comments made public by John Morgan at a Lakeland nightclub last week that have gone viral after being captured on videotape.