WMNF Turns 42

Dylan Leblanc Performs at WMNF's 42nd Birthday | Chandler Culotta 9/11/21

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With a week of specials on air and a triumphant return to in person concerts, WMNF celebrates 42 years of being a part of the Tampa Bay community. Scroll down to find and listen to this week’s specials and see more photos from our birthday party featuring Dylan LeBlanc and Rebekah Pulley.

We can’t say enough how proud we are to serve our corner of the world through music and news. Thank you for your continued support over the years, we look forward to sharing many more.

Dylan LeBlanc and Rebecca Pulley Live From The Palladium

The Palladium played host to a socially distanced performance from Dylan LeBlanc with Rebkcah Pulley opening the show. The performances were broadcast live across the bay and the web on WMNF’s HD2 channel at no cost to allow listeners who are not quite ready to return to live music a chance to catch the show.

Words & Music celebrates WMNF

Marcie Finkelstein caught up with LeBlanc on Words & Music a week before the show, you can listen to their conversation below. Marcie also hosted a special focusing on the 42 years of WMNF concerts and events with memories from so many of our past shows.

Interview with Dylan LeBlanc

42 Years of WMNF Concerts


42 Songs for 42 Years of WMNF with Randy and Blannie

Randy and Blannie put together a fantastic show playing one WMNF favorite song from each year in order from 1979 to 2021. 42 songs in three hours. All short, catchy songs that were WMNF hits. Hours 2 and 3 of the show are below.

A Birthday Radiode

KTUF penned his weekly tribute to WMNF and played a set commemorating 42 years, listen to the set and find out the meaning of life below:

According to Deep Thought in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
The Answer to the Ultimate Question of
Life, the Universe and Everything is
Well, this week WMNF turns forty-two!
Does that makes us the answer to the ultimate question of
Life, the Universe and EVERYTHING?
Celebrate the answer
By tuning in today and all your tomorrows to
Eighty Eight Point Five
You ARE the reason WE are alive as
The answer to all your radio listening needs
From that first broadcast – Friday, 9/14/79
We’re ready to shine our radio light from the
Electromagnetic Spectrum
(Frequently Modulated for your pleasure)
All the news, public affairs’ & music from
All over this spinning spaceship of life we call Earth
And the best way to celebrate our day of birth?
LISTEN! (Before the Vogons come along!)
Here’s today’s menu from the ultimate radio
Restaurant at the End of the Universe

DJ Bobbie-D Celebrates 42

Bobbie Dusenberry's 42nd Birthday Collage

Bobbie Dusenberry put together one of her famous WMNF Collages and a wonderful set celebrating 42 years with her annual Wheel special.