Unleashing creativity: Jasmine Simmons & the T-Shirt design contest


Jasmine Simmons, born in Lakeland, has always had an artistic flair and loved creating art. She works as a baker during the day, creating delicious pastries for the community, but when she is not in the kitchen, she pursues her creative interests. She recently had the opportunity to work with WMNF to bring her distinct imaginative vision to reality. Although creating a t-shirt for a radio station might appear like an uncommon goal, Simmons was always hoping to achieve it. “It may sound silly and specific, but fate dropped in one night and delivered such an opportunity with WMNF,” she explains.

The classics that played on the radio during the Friday Night Soul Party on the station served as inspiration for the design she created. It’s a sentimental homage to an era of unadulterated, passionate, and locally inspired music. Simmons captured that spirit in her artwork- “It represents a continuation of forgotten stores, lost to time and digitization. 88.5 reconnected me to the truth of music. Community. I turned into WMNF during a time of deep solitude. I found the loneliness dissipating while tuning in, and I began to sense belonging.”

Jasmine Simmons

Her design seeks to communicate the progression of the radio alongside the music it stands for. More than simply a piece of clothing, the shirt she designed for WMNF represents an entire community, remembering its beginnings through shared music. She believes that those who listen to WMNF’s programming with the same mix of enthusiasm and nostalgia will find a connection with her art, and now it is your chance to follow in Jasmine Simmons footsteps.

Jasmine design


WMNF recently announced the launch of its T-shirt design contest. For artists in Florida, this serves as an excellent opportunity to exhibit their talents and have their artwork printed on t-shirts as part of WMNF’s fundraising campaign. All artists are invited to enter this competition, which has no entry fees and allows the submission of numerous designs. With WMNF as the focal point, individuals are given the opportunity to show what the station signifies to them. There’s no shortage of inspiration from WMNF, whether it comes from the tradition of promoting local musicians, its broad spectrum of sounds, or the feeling of belonging that it fosters. Not only does it provide a platform for exposure, but it additionally offers a chance to receive a $500 award.

The upcoming WMNF fundraisers will include three of the top designs. The t-shirts will function as wearable artwork that fosters community connections in addition to providing support for the station’s continued operations. By May 15, 2024, artists wishing to participate should send their designs to [email protected].

Don’t pass up this opportunity to tell the WMNF community about your vision. This contest offers an opportunity to make an impression and support a station that has been connecting people using music for years, regardless of whether your taste is retro, contemporary, or anything in between. According to Simmons, “It’s an incredible feeling to be part of this community, which supports local artists, thoughtful conversations, and great sounds.” It’s your time to get involved now.

Rules: No copyrighted material will be accepted for entry. Artwork must be WMNF or “community radio” themed but not include the WMNF logo. All artwork must be original creations of the contestant and must not include profanity or previously printed artwork or photos. Winners agree to allow WMNF to use their design for all printing and promotional purposes. Contest winners must agree to submit a high-resolution layered vector art file within 7 days of notification and agree to work with WMNF’s printer if slight changes/modifications are necessary for production. If not, an alternative winner may be chosen to meet WMNF’s production deadlines.

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