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Monday September 1, 2014

Happy Birthday America

A discussion of the America Dream in modern times, Civil Rights Act of 1964, unaccompanied children and immigration policy with Joe Redner.

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John Schmelzer from the EEOC talks about the history of the Civil Rights Act.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Tampa celebrates Civil Rights Act anniversary

It’s been 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Officials from Hillsborough County and Tampa along with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission took a trip down memory lane during an anniversary celebration today. Delano Stewart was the first black public defender in Hillsborough County.

“It was monumental legislation, but we cannot go to sleep. If we go to sleep there is a Tea Party. I listen to the Republican Party saying they want to d...

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Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal

The Hobby Lobby Decision Would Never Have Happened with Single Payer Health Care: Guest Says Employer-Based Health Insurance Is a Bad System

Today on Radioactivity we take another look at the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision from the perspective of a medical doctor who says our system of relying on employers for health care is a failure.

Earlier this week the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government could not require closely held corporations to pay for insurance coverage for certain kinds of contraception under the Affordable Care Act. Five justices- all men- ruled that it violated a federal law protecting religious...

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Outspoken oncologist's new memoir takes on pharmaceutical companies and members of the medical community

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei speaks with Lodovico Balducci, a physician, an oncology professor at the USF Medical School and a senior member of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. His new memoir takes on the pharmaceutical companies, members of his own profession and comes to believe in one truth. The memoir, called Megalies discusses the lessons he’s learned from dealing with patients, the medical industry, members of the profession and his own depression.

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Avni Osmakac, brother of Sami Osmakac, says his brother was set up by the FBI

photo by Janelle Irwin

Convicted terrorist's brother says Sami Osmakac was set up

The brother of a man convicted of plotting terrorism says it was an FBI setup. Avni Osmakac lashed out at the government during a press conference Tuesday in front of the federal courthouse in Tampa. That’s where his brother Sami was found guilty last month of trying to possess a weapon of mass destruction.

“Everything my brother knows about religion is coming from them. He didn’t know [anything] about religion until he got sick. Everything he knows – the videos, the audios you hear, ...

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WMNF file photo, 2008

photo by Sean Kinane

Feds consider weakening protections for manatees from endangered to threatened status

Protections for manatees could soon be weakened. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Tuesday it will consider upgrading the marine mammal’s status from endangered to threatened. Jaclyn Lopez is an Florida attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity.

The Fish and Wildlife Service will take about a year to make a decision and there will be opportunities for public input.

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Professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

US Supreme Court Expands Corporate Personhood Rights in 5-4 Decision

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei speaks to Stetson Law School assistant professor, Ciara Torres-Spelliscy about the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision.

Professor Torres-Spelliscy teaches courses in Election Law, Corporate Governance, Business Entities, and Constitutional Law. Prior to joining Stetson's faculty, Torres-Spelliscy was counsel in the Democracy Program of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law where she provided guidance on the issues of money in politics and the...

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Ambassador Luis Carlos Villegas

Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Luis Carlos Villegas on The Last Call

Today on The Last Call, host Rob Lorei talks with the Colombian Ambassador to the United States. His visit coincides with the arrival today of the Arc Gloria- a tall ship used for training by the Colombian Navy. Ambassador Luis Carlos Villegas most recently served as President of the National Business Association of Colombia and is a member of the government’s negotiating team in the ongoing peace talks with FARC.

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SCOTUS decision says religion is an OK reason to deny contraception to employees

Some employers won’t have to provide birth control for employees through coverage in their health plans. A landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling Monday sided with the retail chain Hobby Lobby that argued they shouldn’t have to pay for contraceptives. Stetson University College of Law professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy called the case another corporate person-hood issue.

“That’s one of the reasons that if you have a religious objection you can’t be drafted to go to war. If you have a religious...

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SCOTUS throws partial victory at unions

Another Supreme Court ruling was something of a draw for unions. A group of home healthcare workers in Illinois argued they shouldn’t have to pay a cost sharing fee if they aren’t a member of the union, and the court agreed. But Unions dodged a bullet. Lisa Madigan is the attorney general for Illinois.

“Today’s decision from the court is a very narrow one. It does not change Illinois’ program. The court, in essence, ruled that home healthcare workers who choose not to join their union wil...

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