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Wednesday July 30, 2014


Pins made by Bee Against Monsanto.

photo by Seán Kinane/WMNF

Bee Against Monsanto plans actions for Pollinator Week

Many plants that produce important fruits, vegetables and nuts rely on pollinators like bees. Next week is Pollinator Week but a local bee advocacy group is planning an edgier celebration by going a bit against the pollen grain.

They plan actions beginning tomorrow in Tampa’s Curtis Hixon Park for Pollinator Week.

WMNF interviewed Kriz Partridge, an organizer with Tampa’s Bee Against Monsanto.

"An official Pollinator week was put on by the Pollinator Partnership and it runs from Ju...

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Civil Rights Movement Veterans: Gloria Newton, John Logsdon and Dr. John Hartman

Civil Rights movement veterans discuss voter registration in the 60s and how the media feed fear to the masses

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei speaks with Eric Deggans a veteran newspaper reporter, music writer and a media critic. Deggans now works for National Public Radio as a TV critic. He’ll be speaking at the Mirror Lake Library this Monday in St. Petersburg at 5PM. In his book Race-Baiter, Deggans dissects the powerful ways modern media feeds fears, prejudices, and hate, while also tracing the history of the word and its consequences, intended or otherwi...

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3D Printed Mask

Art and science converge at MOSI 3-D printer exhibit

The evolution of 3D printers might be the next big technology quantum leap. The new exhibit at Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry showcases the emerging frontiers of 3D printing, which are only limited by the imagination.

Anthony Pelaez, director of innovation at MOSI says the initial development of the 3D printer was similar to the core of the internet boom: tinkering around through trial and error. He said this technology will be guided by the people; for good...

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Brian Willis of Connect Tampa Bay on Hillsborough County's Transit needs

Local Tampa-based attorney is one of the founding members of Connect Tampa Bay, a Hillsborough County backed group that is pushing for more transit options throughout the Tampa Bay area. On the program Brian talked about the referendums in both Pinellas and Polk Counties this fall that would increase bus service and in the case of Pinellas, create a light-rail network.

He's a critic of some of the plans already announced by the Hillsborough Transportation Economic Development group, sayin...

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USF College of Marine Science professor Steve Murawski talks about integrating new technology into tracking species in the Gulf of Mexico.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Here's why you should care about the health of the Gulf of Mexico

Most people look out at the sparkly blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and figure it’s perfectly healthy. But Don Boesch, president of the University of Maryland’s center for environmental science says there are plenty of reasons to worry.

“For example, the whole water system in terms of the water that evaporates and comes back down in rain – it removes about 2/3 of the carbon dioxide that we produce excessively.”

A White House climate change report released earlier this year shows that...

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Professor Louis J. Virelli

Florida Legislature passes resolution for new US Constitutional Convention

The Florida Legislature passed a resolution this past session calling for new US Constitutional Convention. The resolution was signed by the Governor last week. Today on Radioactvity, Rob Lorei discusses this issue with Lou Virelli, a professor of law at Stetson University College of Law.


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Refugees from around the world learn alphabetical order during an English class in Temple Terrace on World Refugee Day.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Surge of Syrian refugees to U.S. could pick up in late 2015

Nearly 30,000 refugees come into Florida every year from countries all over the world.

With ongoing violence in Syria, Simon Henshaw from the State Department says very few Syrian refugees have arrived in the U.S., but that’s about to change.

“We have pledged to take a significant number and we will start interviewing Syrian refugees soon. But it takes about 18-24 months for someone to run through our system. So, we will not, as a country, see a significant amount of Syrian refugees c...

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Pinellas Beaches Renourishment

photo by SVJ61014

Pinellas beaches to get a sandy facelift

Some Pinellas County beaches are scheduled to get another facelift this summer. During an information session Tuesday night at city hall, Treasure Island citizens were enthusiastic about the beach renourishment but they still have some concerns.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and Tropical storm Debby, Pinellas beaches took a beating. Ten million dollars in federal emergency funds has been earmarked to pump fres...

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