1965~The Greatest Year in Music? 5 hour Great Song Special—> Thursday, 6/25/15, 4-9am

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This Thursday Randy Wind, Thursday Morning Show and Frank Knox,Retro Jukebox, will be doing a 5 hour special; we will make the case that 1965 was the Greatest Year of Songs.

There was not one but two upheavals in rock underway that year: the British Invasion and the combining of folk and rock into folk-rock. The arrival of these styles sparked untapped new possibilities. At the same time, soul music was peaking at Motown, Atlantic and Stax; and new studio technology was increasing the diversity of possible sounds. Songwriting was breaking into new subject matter. Drugs, social change and the Vietnam War paralleled the changes in music. And it was the last year when Singles ruled – before Albums took over.

Great Songs! Listen from 4-9am this Thursday and you will be amazed at all the timeless, important songs from 50 years ago.