Unclaimed Chance Drawing Prizes from Rolling Stones Tribute to Some Girls ~ 11/4/23


Unclaimed Chance Drawing Prizes from Rolling Stones Tribute to Some Girls ~ 11/4/23

We had beautiful weather for the most recent “Flee Presents” WMNF Tribute event at Skippers on Saturday, 11/4/23.
Thanks to all who came out to support, dance, lip sync their Mick impersonations and enjoy the wonderful line-up of bands! Especially those who took a chance to win & donated to WMNF.  There were two (2) prizes left on the table after the show ended. Let us know ahead of time, to arrange pick-up, if you are a winner:
# 1 ~ Rare 1st Pressing of Banned SOME GIRLS – $100+ Value – WINNER: 4767268
# 2 ~ “OUT ON BAIL” LP = CLAIMED# 3 ~ CD pack (12): = CLAIMED# 4 ~ Rolling Stones “Readers” Pack (Used)WINNER: 4767167

# 5 ~ Rolling Stones LPs (Used) = CLAIMED

# 6 ~ Joe Kahl’s handmade ceramic WMNF Peace mug= CLAIMED

# 7 ~ A Pair of tickets to WMNF’s UKE IT OUT 8.0 = CLAIMED – Tickets on sale at wmnf.org/events, FYI 

 # 8 ~ A Vintage WMNF Khaki Ball Cap = CLAIMED

Thanks to the donors who gave prizes: The anonymous LP & Book donor & Joe Kahl Pottery!
Please contact Miss Julie at 813-238-8001, ext 134, or e-mail [email protected] to claim a gift. 
All prizes must be exchanged for winning tickets and picked up at WMNF 88.5FM, 1210 E Dr MLK Jr Blvd, Tampa, 33603, in person or suitable arrangements must be made in advance.

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