Scientology Insider Aaron Smith-Levin on Radioactivity Thursday

The Super Power Building in downtown Clearwater

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Clearwater to vote on land purchase

Last night there was a big vote at the Clearwater City Council on whether or not to purchase some prime downtown land from the Clearwater Aquarium or let the Church of Scientology (COS) buy it. The city has offered about $4.5 million for the land, but the Church of Scientology has offered much more — as much as $15 million dollars.

(update – the City of Clearwater has voted to purchase the land)

Host Rob Lorei interviewed Aaron Smith-Levin, who spent almost 30 years in the Church and is now out of the Church. He has a YouTube channel that gives an insider’s account of Scientology. Smith-Levin still has friends in the Church and uses those connections to report on current happenings within the organization.

The COS says that the land on the bluff is crucial to its plans to redevelop retail space in the heart of Clearwater. It has told members of Clearwater’s City Council that the land is crucial to its development plans.

To listen back to this interview from Thursday, April 20 2017, click here.