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“There is an art to every practice, activism included.” Says Stephen Duncombe, co-founder of The Center For Artistic Activism. “This is a place to explore, analyze, and strengthen connections between social activism and artistic practice. Our goal is to make more creative activists and more effective artists. We aim to win.” Stephen has been an activist his entire life, with an impressive résumé, including over two decades of experience as both a teacher and an organizer. In the next edition of Life Elsewhere you’ll hear Duncombe speak passionately about The Center For Artistic Activism, “We believe in Utopia, not as a destination but as a direction.” He says, adding, “We believe that everyone has an artistic life they can bring to their activism.

David Cowles is an award-winning illustrator and animation director. His distinctive, graphic caricature portraits have appeared in countless magazines and newspapers. While not overtly political, Cowles’ caricature work could easily be pointed in that direction. But the artist’s colorful work is typically family-friendly, particularly his superb animations. David talks with Norman B about how he creates his memorable work and reveals who he finds difficult to characterize and, yes, David Cowles gives his views on Art and Activism.

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