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Food Equity & Urban Farms with Dr. Dave Himmelfarb

Sustainable Living discusses food equity, urban farming and social justice with Dr. Dave Himmelfarb of Eckerd College.

Melodies & Mindfulness: The Role of Music in Mental Health

The Influence of Music on the Human Spirit Music possesses a limitless power to resonate with the human spirit, arouse profound feelings, and cultivate a feeling of unity. It has served as a tool for...

Hillsborough County Public Schools receives $2 million

Listen: US Congress member Kathy Castor announced $2 million of grant money for Hillsborough County Public Schools at the Bowers/Whitley Building Construction Academy. The money comes from two grants: federal funds from this year and...

Florida Emancipation Day: backward motion

The Emancipation Proclamation was officially read in Florida on this day in 1865. Progress is always under threat from the extreme right wing. Florida schools are resegregating, policies against voting rights, efforts to combat global...

Transgender Hillsborough teacher can use preferred pronouns, federal judge says

Listen: In April, a federal judge ruled that a transgender Hillsborough County teacher can use her preferred pronouns. The teacher considers this a win in a state that some may consider hostile to LGBTQ educators....

The Scoop: Mon. May 20th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Chris Young reports how candidates for the Hillsborough County state attorney position faced off in a political forum on Friday.

Malcolm X Day

Malcolm spoke the words of Nation Of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad Malcolm X in perspective. Confessions of a man in transformation at the end of his life. A New York state of mind. Krystal Rodriguez...

Sex Is Confusing.

“It’s incredible the amount of hate I have received from people who haven’t even read my piece” Agustin Fuentes on the extraordinary response to his recent essay for Scientific American titled, “Here’s Why Human Sex...
Florida Capitol

Elfers Democrat William Vernon Pura is challenging state Rep. Brad Yeager, R-New Port Richey

Elfers Democrat William Vernon Pura opened a campaign account to run against Yeager in November in Pasco County’s House District 56.
Florida Capitol

Clearwater Democrat Bryan Michael Beckman is challenging Republican state Rep. Kim Berfield

Meanwhile, Miami Democrat Jennifer Lee Molina opened an account to challenge Rep. Vicki Lopez, R-Miami in House District 113.

Medicaid Expansion is in Our Hands Now

Florida is one of only 10 states that has not already expanded Medicaid coverage to low-income childless adults as allowed under the Affordable Care Act. Now, Florida healthcare advocates are mounting a petition drive to...

Hillsborough County State Attorney candidates clash at heated political forum

Listen: Candidates for the Hillsborough County state attorney position faced off in a fiery discussion Friday during a political forum in Ybor City. Suspended Hillsborough County state attorney, Democrat Andrew Warren, Current state attorney, Republican...

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