Florida State Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-Pinellas)

Republican Florida Sen. Jeff Brandes: “we should apologize” for Trump’s call for Congress members to “go back” to where they came from

On Friday a member of the Tampa Tiger Bay Club confronted Republican State Senator Jeff Brandes in order to get his response to the chant and to Trump’s tweet saying four members of Congress should “go back” to where they came from. “So, here’s what I’ll say. I think that at the end of the… Read more »

Congressman Charlie Crist Visits Homestead Migrant Detention Camp; Questions Why For Profit Operator Charges $750/Day

Radioactivity with Rob Lorei Listen Here: Select 07/17/19 from the drop down menu Radioactivity: Interviews & Live Call-In Intro: The Miami New Times reports the Homestead detention facility for child immigrants — 3,200-bed facility — the nation’s only for-profit child detention center — is not licensed or overseen by state child-welfare workers, and at least… Read more »

Environmental group names multi-billion dollar firm Cargill as the ‘Worst Company in the World’

Radioactivity with Rob Lorei Listen Here: Select 07/16/19 from the drop down menu Radioactivity: Interviews & Live Call-In Intro: Good morning- welcome to radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up- a new study looks at what might be the worst corporations in the world. It’s a corporation that once had strong ties to the Tampa Bay… Read more »

“The Wonders of Nature” on Morning Energy

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Tsunamis are some of the world’s most powerful and dangerous natural disasters. And although we often focus on the destruction that often accompanies these natural disasters, there are many ways that they have proven to be beneficial to our environment. It has been said that natural disasters are mother nature’s way of… Read more »

WMNF Board Statement On The Treatment of Migrants in the US

This is an editorial statement from the Nathan B Stubblefield Foundation Board of Directors The current treatment of migrants and asylum seekers by our national government has reached the point of cruelty and human rights abuses. Daily, we hear the stories of families separated, children deprived of basic sanitation, and people locked in crowded spaces for weeks on… Read more »

Scientist Says Low Tech Solution Would Help Solve Climate Crisis: Plant A Trillion Trees

Radioactivity with Rob Lorei Listen Here: Select 07/10/19 from the drop down menu Radioactivity: Interviews & Live Call-In Intro: Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. A scientist in Switzerland says there may be a low-tech solution to solving the world’s CO2 problem- which is causing the climate crisis—we’ll talk with him in a moment… But first-… Read more »

migrant children detention camps immigrants migrants kids Homestead Florida

What a Tampa resident saw from outside Homestead detention camp for migrant children

Human rights observers have reported on poor conditions at migrant detention camps near the border – some people are calling them concentration camps. Many young migrants are being detained in Homestead, Florida; WMNF asked a Tampa resident, Marina Welch with the new group Witness for Homestead, what she saw when she traveled there recently. “I… Read more »

A Forgotten African American Cemetery Discovered and Reducing Plastic in Our Oceans

Radioactivity with Rob Lorei Listen Here: Select 07/02/19 from the drop down menu Radioactivity: Interviews & Live Call-In Intro: Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up—The Tampa bay times has revealed the existence of a long forgotten African American cemetery in an area a few miles north of downtown Tampa. We’ll talk… Read more »

#CloseTheCamps demonstration in Tampa

#CloseTheCamps protest targets Tampa office of U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor

On Tuesday afternoon, nearly 90 people held signs saying things like “Dictators build walls” and chanted “Close the Camps” outside the Tampa office of Democratic Congress member Kathy Castor. It was part of a coordinated nationwide demonstration against the Trump administration’s treatment of migrants. Ann Preus is a retired school teacher. “I’m here because of… Read more »

Ken Welch

“Race and the legacy of racism” in St. Petersburg

On Thursday afternoon in St. Petersburg the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club hosted a discussion about race and the legacy of racism in the city. Topics like reparations, gentrification and the racist symbolism of St. Petersburg’s segregated green benches came up. It was held at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, which used to exclude African-Americans. WMNF… Read more »

immigration migrant families

Migrant advocates will hold vigil and “noise demonstration” in Ybor City Friday night

In a tweet this week, President Donald Trump announced that ICE will start deporting millions of people from the U.S.; that’s not the only thing upsetting advocates for immigrants. There’s also the Trump administration’s family separation policy and the recent trial of a man in Arizona who provided humanitarian aid to people traveling through the… Read more »

transit refererendum

Judge rules that Hillsborough’s All For Transportation tax is valid

Late Tuesday a judge ruled that Hillsborough County’s one cent sales tax surcharge for transportation is legal. But the judge negated some of the voter-approved charter amendment’s language about spending allocations and restrictions. To find out what it means for transportation spending in Hillsborough, WMNF spoke with Tyler Hudson, chair of All For Transportation, the… Read more »

Columnist Paula Dockery On Radioactivity

Radioactivity with Rob Lorei Listen Here: Select 06/18/19 from the drop down menu Radioactivity: Interviews & Live Call-In Intro: Good morning, welcome to radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up—we’ll speak with a former Republican legislator who is now a political independent and a newspaper columnist. Our guest is Paula Dockery. We’re going to talk about… Read more »

TECO CO2 emissions / climate change

Sierra Club says TECO plant conversion to gas would be “generational betrayal”

Next month the Florida Cabinet will consider granting approval to Tampa Electric Company to convert part of its Apollo Beach electric plant from coal to methane gas. But groups like the Sierra Club, Extinction Rebellion Tampa Bay and Organize Florida oppose converting to gas and think TECO should convert to solar energy generation instead. They’re… Read more »

Amid Public Outcry, Hillsborough Planners Vote In Favor of Interstate Expansion

After over four hours of comments from the public Tuesday night, the board that sets long-term transportation priorities for Hillsborough County voted to keep two controversial projects to add lanes to the interstate north of downtown Tampa. The Metropolitan Planning Organization supported plans to add a lane to I-275 in each direction from Rev. Dr…. Read more »