Columnist Dan Tilson takes issue with job growth stats; Sierra Club clarifies stance on transit

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Governor Rick Scott announced yesterday that in June Florida had the highest job growth among the 10 most populous states, according to a job growth report released by ADP research institute. The report found that Florida had a higher job growth rate than Texas and California  at 3.9 percent, which also exceeded  the national average of 2.5 percent. In a press release, Governor Scott touted the report as proof that his pro-jobs agenda is working. ContextFlorida columnist Dan Tilson took issue with that in a piece written earlier this month, blasting Scott for puffing up job growth that is mainly in low-wage, service sector work. He joins us today to talk about the latest report and how diminishing work at livable wages are hurting Floridians.

Then, we look at transportation in Hillsborough county, particularly a  proposal for  half-cent sales tax for transit that might make it onto the 2016 ballot. A Tampa Bay Times story reports that the Tampa Bay  Sierra Club,along with the Hillsborough Tea Party, are skeptical of the proposal. According to a statement by the Sierra Club released earlier this month, the county should “change development policy, increase development fees and adopt the local-option gas tax before pursuing a sales tax increase.” Many have construed this as an opposition to the sales tax. Sierra Club chair Kent Bailey talks to us to clarify the groups position on the issue, stating they have not taken sides on the referendum and simply want the county to look at other possibles sources of revenue for transportation.