Diversity Requirements for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting


Establish formal goal of diversity: WMNF’s Mission Statement drives the station’s diverse content: WMNF is a listener-supported community radio station that celebrates cultural diversity and is committed to equality, peace and economic justice. WMNF provides broadcasts and with a grassroots local emphasis that promote creative, musical, and political vitality.

Diversity eligibility: WMNF has a long-established goal of diversity within in the station’s workforce, management and Board of Directors. The last two WMNF General Managers were African-American. The Manager’s position is currently open and WMNF is recruiting by outreach to a variety of communities. WMNF posts its open positions in The Florida Sentinel, a newspaper that serves the Tampa Bay Area’s African-American community, as well in Craig’s List, a Web site open to all comers, and on various public media list serves. The same applies to all open positions in WMNF’s workforce.

The WMNF Board of Directors is currently seeking new members for our 2014-15 fiscal year, which begins October 1. The station is reaching out to local NAACP branches and is also publicizing the need for a diverse board on our air waves.

Implementing formal goal of diversity:

WMNF has a Board-chaired Diversity Committee, made up of Board, Staff and Volunteers. These are the Diversity Committees formal goals:

  • Ensures that WMNF fairly represents the community that it serves
  • Promotes participation in station governance and functioning by persons of all ethnic, racial, religious and gender identities and sexual orientations, be this as staff members, volunteers, Nathan B. Stubblefield Board of Directors members, members or listeners, where those persons share the values represented in the WMNF Mission Statement.
  • Identifies underrepresented community groups, and promotes participation by members of those groups through outreach and other means.
  1. WMNF is currently reviewing its programming schedule and is undergoing possible changes in early 2015. In this process, WMNF identifies areas where diversity is reflected and spots in the schedule where changes are needed to further our mission statement.
  2. As stated previously, WMNF is recruiting both new staff members, including a General Manager, and members of our Board of Directors, and is doing outreach by advertising in minority news outlets and meeting with the NAACP. The last two WMNF General Managers were African-American. WMNF currently has three minorities in key roles on the station staff. WMNF also had a Latina as Board President in 2012.

WMNF also plans to implement an annual formal diversity training program for staff in the coming year (2014-15). In addition to ensure the station is meeting our commitment to diversity, WMNF will hold a diversity training for the Board.

WMNF is also planning to interview at least one if not more qualified diversity candidates for our vacant General Manager position. In every job opening, WMNF makes all necessary efforts to ensure in the interview process a presentation of diversity.

WMNF Community Advisory Board WMNF Community Advisory Board as of August 2014 The membership is subject to change and new members are constantly being recruited. The next meeting is scheduled in the last quarter of 2014. Bob Glaser Tammy Keller Sunny Wynn Boyd

For more information, contact Laura Taylor, WMNF Development Director, 813-865-8260 or [email protected]

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