Fans Of An Enigma

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We admit it, we’re fans. Their music won us over on the very first listen. Of course, they are an enigma. They don’t fit neatly into any genre. And for us, that’s a good thing ‘cause we gave up on separating every new release into teeny-tiny categories, many moons ago. They achieve that much-desired ability to entertain, intrigue and inform at the same time. All of the above were more than enough reasons to reach out and request an interview. Pete Davis, the bloke who performs the potent vocals and his mate, Lee Drinkall, who competently bashes away on the drums agreed to a chat via the wonders of Skype. The resulting conversation reveals their earnest passion for the music they create. Do make sure you listen, because we believe you too, will become a fan of an enigma that is Gad Whip.

Gad Whip’s latest album, Post Internet Blues is available via Bandcamp and highly recommended by us fans.

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