Congress member demands healthcare expansion before millions are unenrolled

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On April 1st, many people may lose healthcare as states review eligibility for Medicaid. Tampa Congress member Kathy Castor is calling for Medicaid to be extended.

Florida is one of only ten states that hasn’t expanded Medicaid. Kathy Castor joined Protect Our Care, a healthcare advocacy group, in a press conference to demand action.

“There are incredible practical and financial incentives for Florida and the nine other states that have not expanded Medicaid to do so.”

The American Rescue plan gave states that expanded Medicaid a financial incentive. But Florida chose not to participate in the expansion.

“When you look at the amount of money and what this would do for our neighbors, not expanding Medicaid is fiscally irresponsible and it’s morally wrong. Medicaid expansion would save state dollars, and provide increased revenues well beyond the cost of expansion.”

This comes as states review eligibility for those covered during the pandemic on April 1st, possibly disenrolling millions in what’s known as the reconsideration period. This month, Castor led the Florida congressional democrats in writing a letter urging DeSantis to keep Floridians covered during the reconsideration period. Governor DeSantis has not responded to the letter.