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Congress member Kathy Castor talks climate change, Biden, Max Frost, aliens, and more

Seventeen years into her congressional career, Kathy Castor still brings an optimism and unwavering drive to D.C. on behalf of her constituents in Florida’s 14th Congressional district, which includes parts of Hillsborough County and Pinellas....
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The Scoop: Thurs., August 3, 2023 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Donald Trump to surrender to federal authorities Donald Trump is scheduled to surrender to federal authorities in Washington this afternoon. He will be booked and fingerprinted before being escorted to his arraignment, which has been...

Veterans can receive additional benefits due to broader eligibility for victims of toxic exposure

The PACT Act was signed into law a year ago by President Joe Biden. It expands eligibility for VA health care for Veterans with toxic exposures and Veterans of the Vietnam, Gulf War, and post-9/11...

Trump, now thrice indicted, “betrayed this country” according to Kathy Castor

The four-count indictment of ex-president Donald Trump yesterday is the first time that the former president has been charged with a crime based on his attempt to overturn his 2020 election defeat. A local member...
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Climate change is killing coral, and Congressmember Kathy Castor says the GOP isn’t helping the issue

Scorching ocean temperatures have caused most Florida corals to bleach; and scientists expect a mass coral die-off this summer. WMNF’s Josh Holton asked Congressmember Kathy Castor about what can be done to avert a marine...

U.S Representative calls for action at local hospital amid nation’s drug shortages

Listen: Prescription drug shortages reached a five-year peak at the end of last year. Now, a Tampa congress member joined medical professionals at a local hospital Thursday to call for change. Congress member Kathy Castor...

Tampa unveils “Climate Action and Equity Plan” to address climate change

The City of Tampa released a new plan they call the Climate Action and Equity Plan, with plans to reduce the city's effect on climate change.

Congress member Kathy Castor warns voucher law could harm Florida’s public schools

Listen: The Florida Legislative Session came to a close Friday, with many historic new changes to our state’s schools. WMNF spoke with Congress member Kathy Castor at a Tampa elementary school about the future of...
The Scoop: WMNF's daily digest of news headlines for the Tampa Bay area & Florida

The Scoop: WMNF’s daily digest of news headlines for Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

The Scoop: WMNF’s daily digest of news headlines for Tuesday, March 28th, 2023
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Congress member demands healthcare expansion before millions are unenrolled

Listen: On April 1st, many people may lose healthcare as states review eligibility for Medicaid. Tampa Congress member Kathy Castor is calling for Medicaid to be extended. Florida is one of only ten states that...

WMNF’s daily digest of news headlines for Thursday, March 9th, 2023

Warren appeals DeSantis removal A Federal court has agreed to fast-track former Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren’s appeal to be reinstated to office following his removal by Governor Ron DeSantis. According to a new...
member of Congress Tampa paris climate

A member of Congress from Tampa addressed the UN climate summit in Egypt

Tampa Congress member Kathy Castor spoke at a press conference about climate change at the UN's 27th Conference of the Parties.

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