Florida House advances bill allowing groups to refuse adoptions to same-sex couples


Thursday the Florida House Judiciary Committee approved a bill (HB 7111) that would allow private agencies to cite religious or moral grounds and refuse to facilitate adoptions by same-sex couples.

Republican Representative Jason Brodeur said same-sex couples can seek adoptions through the Department of Children and Families or a private agency that doesn’t have a problem with it.

But in one exchange, Brodeur was challenged by St. Petersburg’s Dwight Dudley, who like other Democrats suggested the same-sex adoption ban was unconstitutional, and agencies that want to discriminate against gays should not be in the adoption business.

After the vote the group Equality Florida tweeted that the House Judiciary Committee passed what it called an Indiana-style adoption bill.

The ACLU of Florida tweeted that the bill allows discrimination “against same-sex couples looking to adopt.”

Representatives for both groups opposed the bill during public comment.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report

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