Impact of Toxicity on Health, Antibiotics, and Ask Dr. Harvey Anything


In this episode of the Healthy Steps Radio Show, Dr. Fred Harvey discusses the significant impact of environmental and internal toxicity on health outcomes, emphasizing the detrimental effects of air pollution on IVF success rates and the increased risk of asthma in children due to antibiotic use. He addresses various health concerns from callers, providing insights on managing fungal infections, toenail fungus, sleep apnea, raw dairy consumption, diet for cancer patients, non-sedated colonoscopies, ulcerative colitis, and more. Dr. Harvey also highlights the potential health risks of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and provides practical advice for minimizing exposure. The episode concludes with an announcement about the release of his co-authored book, “Against All Odds.”

Caller Summaries:

  • Facial Fungus and Muscle Spasms (00:10:44): Caller G seeks advice on managing facial fungus due to antibiotic use and muscle spasms. Dr. Harvey suggests reducing sugar intake and using sulfur-based shampoos and creams. For muscle spasms, he recommends magnesium glycinate.
  • Toenail Fungus and Sleep Apnea (00:14:23): Caller Alex discusses aggressive toenail fungus and sleep apnea. Dr. Harvey advises considering oral antifungal medication and highlights the impact of sleep apnea on immune function and weight gain.
  • Finding a Functional Medicine Doctor (00:17:23): Caller Steve inquires about finding a functional medicine doctor in Tampa. Dr. Harvey recommends using the physician finder on the Institute for Functional Medicine website (
  • Raw Milk and Dairy (00:18:32): Caller Daniel asks about the consumption of raw milk and raw milk kefir. Dr. Harvey discusses the benefits and safety of raw dairy from well-managed farms.
  • Ovarian Cancer Diet and Supplements (00:23:08): Caller Christina seeks dietary advice for her friend with stage three ovarian cancer. Dr. Harvey recommends a paleo diet, vitamin C, fish oil, and specific anti-cancer supplements.
  • Non-Sedated Colonoscopies (00:27:51): Caller Reed inquires about non-sedated colonoscopies. Dr. Harvey advises against them due to the discomfort involved and recommends sedation for the procedure.
  • Ulcerative Colitis and Gluten Sensitivity (00:30:01): Caller Jim discusses managing ulcerative colitis and avoiding gluten. Dr. Harvey suggests eliminating dairy, gluten, and other triggers from the diet.
  • Asthma Reversal in Children (00:34:41): Dr. Harvey answers an email from Melinda about reversing asthma in children caused by antibiotics. He suggests dietary changes, probiotics, fish oil, and avoiding processed foods.
  • Microscopic Colitis Management (00:35:57): Dr. Harvey responds to Jennifer’s email about managing microscopic colitis. He recommends dietary adjustments and functional medicine testing.
  • Cholesterol Management (00:37:15): Dr. Harvey provides advice to Dawn on managing cholesterol levels through diet, exercise, and specific tests to assess heart disease risk.
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Fertility (00:47:13): Caller Chris discusses the impact of electromagnetic fields on fertility. Dr. Harvey acknowledges the risks and suggests practical ways to reduce exposure.
  • Ezekiel Bread and Gluten (00:51:45): Caller Ann asks about the healthiness of Ezekiel bread. Dr. Harvey confirms it is a good choice, especially the gluten-free variety.


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