Keeping an Eye on Erika – FPREN new Florida Storms Mobile App

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WMNF is a member of Florida Public Radio Emergency Network. You can see their logo on the bottom of every page on Clicking on the logo gets you to a great weather page. But if you want to know everything when you look at your phone, you can download their free new app, Florida Storms.  Right now it works on iphones, and an Android version will be ready later this year.

When you download the app, it allows you to tune into member stations, so we hope you will set it to WMNF radio. You will see the tweets that FPREN sends out, get information about storm preparedness, set up push notifications from the app if you want, and all the social media in the world, because, well, everyone has lots of social media.

Stay safe in inclement weather! Stock up on water, food, pet supplies and books (okay, I added that last one); fill up the gas tank and buy batteries; know where the closest shelters are and if they take pets; listen to WMNF for information and great music. We want you to be safe and whole.