March Fourth Marching Band Returns!


After MarchFourth!’s incredible, fabulous performance at Tropical Heatwave, they want to come back to do it again – this time in a club setting. They will be playing at the State Theater in St. Pete on September 25, in benefit for WMNF. UNRB and Sepiatonic open the show, two young bands that will quickly become your favorite live bands.

If you have seen them, you know that MarchFourth! is an internationally-acclaimed, genre-breaking FORCE — a sonic explosion delivered by 20 musicians, dancers and artisans who travel the world, year-round, taking audience members of all ages, from all walks of life, on a joy-inducing, foot-stomping, booty-shaking, soul-stirring journey that defies categorization.

With exceptional musical quality and a visual kaleidoscope of stilt walkers, hoopers and Vaudeville-style dancers, MarchFourth! whips audiences into a celebratory frenzy with an over-the-top spectacle of high-energy compositions, colorful costumes, hilarious stage shenanigans, and irresistible charisma!

This is not a band that simply “puts on a show.” MarchFourth! delivers a multi-faceted, indelible experience for those who are lucky enough to be in attendance. If you saw them at Heatwave then you know it is all this and more.


Part musical performance, part celebration, a set from the four-year-old St. Pete ska outfit is pure, unadulterated, forget-you’re-an-adult  fun.

“The UNRB approach is fairly simple: show up, play music, have fun,” said frontman Noel Rochford. “That formula doesn’t change from show to show, so we always bring our best, whether we’re playing for five people or five thousand.”

The seven-piece band is playing bigger stages on bigger festivals as they get more and more popular. Surrender yourself to UNRB’s strange, ridiculously enjoyable mishmash of ska, jazz, funk, blues, new wave and world music.


Just added to this show:     Sepiatonic is a vaudeville-style belly dance, burlesque, and musical project from the Bohemian arts epicenter of Portland, Oregon!   Having looked back in time to the historic roots of vaudeville and forward to the booty-shaking horizons of electronic dance music, Sepiatonic’s producers have found home in a junction of both worlds.

Larger than life characters, burlesque, and variety acts bring to life the soundscape of original electronic and live music on stage.   Sepiatonic strives for a visceral show experience where the dance party in the crowd pumps up the musicians onstage, and the dynamic dance acts onstage inspire you, the audience, to shake your groove thing more fiercely.

Tickets are $17 in advance, and $20 at the door (if there are some left). 

Check out the FB page for the event!

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