Migrant advocates will hold vigil and “noise demonstration” in Ybor City Friday night

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Families Belong Together rally in Tampa migrants immigrants

Families Belong Together rally in Tampa supporting migrant families. By Yvonne Gougelet / WMNF News (2018 June 30).

In a tweet this week, President Donald Trump announced that ICE will start deporting millions of people from the U.S.; that’s not the only thing upsetting advocates for immigrants.

There’s also the Trump administration’s family separation policy and the recent trial of a man in Arizona who provided humanitarian aid to people traveling through the desert.

So, advocates are holding a vigil and what they call a “noise demonstration” this Friday night in Tampa’s Ybor City neighborhood. It’s at 1624 East 7th Avenue.

Zulema Ramos is with Love Has No Borders, along with Occupy ICE Tampa, one of the groups organizing the rally.

“What will be happening is a noise demonstration as well as a vigil. There will be large posters and photos of the individuals ranging from unborn children in pregnant mothers to all different family members and people that have been murdered on both sides of the border. Many of them not even seeking to cross.

“And the noise demonstration is to 1) when it’s a Friday evening to disrupt the local ongoings in terms of people are just going out to maybe drink or party or have a great time when in every moment in this county there are children, there are families, there are individuals that are locked in cages just because they were not born here and they were seeking safety in this country surrounded by borders that are completely made up.”

“One of his last couple of [tweets] — I think that’s the one — talking about how he wants to start next week putting more funds and training officers to be more aggressive in not only deterring migrants that have yet to come here, who are running for their lives, but taking out the valuable community members that have already made their lives here. [They] contributed to all of our communities by making them better, by making them more diverse. By making them more loving with the skills and the family that they bring here. And those are the people that he wants to continue to go after. Even more aggressively.”

“It’s historically akin to a dictator and a fascist. And it’s very, very clear and very scary.”

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