Nina Turner on “Our Revolution”, Karen Bernal, Chair Progressive Caucus Calif. Demo Party on “Autopsy Report”, Judicial Appointments and TBT Festival of Reading

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What is the preamble to the constitution – “We the people, in order to ensure a more perfect union…”

Remember the “WE.”  It doesn’t say Democrats, Republicans or that we return to pseudo tyrants.  We need a peaceful revolution to force the leaders in this country to respond to OUR needs.  Nina Turner, President of  “Our Revolution,” essentially the extension of some of Bernie  Sanders’ issues, will be in the Tampa Bay area this weekend: Friday for brunch at the Venice Yacht Club and Saturday in St. Pete and Tampa – noon at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 100 Mirror Lake Dr. N., St. Pete and 2 PM at Bounce’s Boy, 5008 E. 10th Ave., Tampa.  She will speak with us on the show Thursday.

Extending on….Trump makes us all jump…

You probably saw the “autopsy report” analyzing the Democratic Party in the recent election cycle.  Institute for Public Accuracy is presenting their report Thursday at the National Press Club.  Hopefully  Karen Bernal, one of the authors will speak with us tonight (to air on tomorrow’s show).

If not, I hope you are following the attempts to ramrod judicial appointments through the Senate.  There are some truly extreme ideologues being considered.  There are hearings today and many groups are beseeching voters to contact their senators to give the time necessary to truly consider the nominees’ merits.  Mitch McConnell has pushed through a simple majority vote –  and these are LIFETIME appointments.  Regardless of what happens to the Trump administration, we and our children and grandchildren will live with their decisions.

Books, authors…Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading November 11th

The TBT Festival of Reading is next week.  There are some truly outstanding authors who will participate.  Cathy Salustri, Tampa Bay resident, Arts and Entertainment Editor at Creative Loafing, has written Backroads of Paradise. As the New York Times said, “(Salustri) delights in letting people know that to really discover Florida, you  have to turn off the congested interstates and explore the state’s towns and cities.”  She will talk with us tomorrow. Tune into From a Woman’s POV Thursday at 10 am.

Again, thanks for your support!

Mary and Arlene