Oh Snap, Shop and WMNF Gets a Donation?

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There is an Amazon box at the bottom of all the pages on this site. What I didn’t know, but am excited to tell you, is that Amazon donates 4% of the money you spend when you go through WMNF’s Amazon portal. Buying a laptop? Music? Snorkel gear? If you are going to use Amazon, you can painlessly support WMNF at the same time. Sweet!

You can sign up for the Amazon Smile program here. We are listed under our license holder’s name, The Nathan B. Stubblefield Foundation. If you are signed up and forget to go through the WMNF website, but shop in the smile program, we still get .5% donated, which is still pretty great. We get a higher percentage when you use the affiliate link, and we are creating a way to make that super duper easy!

Thank you!