Poo to Peaches on WMNF’s Sustainable Living Program


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Poo to Peaches: permaculture, composting, and yes, humanure.

All three of our guests on today’s program are certified permaculture designers and two were speakers at the last years Permaculture Convergence.

Jennifer Nazak joined last year’s show about the Convergence and she does workshops on solar cooking, Rocket Stoves, haybox cooking, composting, humanure, and other appropriate technologies. She has helped many people enrich and simplify their lives with the principles of permaculture. More information is here (Facebook page).

Koreen Brennen was one of the speakers at the Convergence and works with a variety groups about the benefits of permaculture whole systems design. She works with many permaculture and sustainable agriculture groups locally and world-wide, plus runs Grow Permaculture, a local permaculture design and education organization.

A new guest on the Sustainable Living Show, Eve Spengler is with Bay Mulch, a commercial site clearing company that specializes in recycling materials that would become waste, but are instead turned into compost. Eve studied Masters of Arts in Global Sustainability at the University of South Florida.

Well, it didn’t take long for poop to come up as a topic of discussion and Joe Jenkins book, “ The Humanure Handbook” as the solution to problems related to strip mining for phosphate and sewage dumping.  True, we did cover other composting and social issues. Unfortunately, one of the guests was sick and couldn’t do the interview, but is doing great stuff in Arizona.  Arizona’s Watershed Management Group website, and the Poo to Peaches children’s project they’re promoting, is really worth checking out.