Meet The Match

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WMNF’s new Endowment Fund is our chance to ensure

that the station’s Mission-driven programming

continues forever and ever.

That’s why we’re inviting you to help us…

WMNF is establishing an Endowment Fund to forever honor our Mission-driven commitment to advancing the causes of equality, peace, cultural diversity, and social and economic justice.

With the Meet the Match campaign, WMNF has a limited-time opportunity to have your contribution to our new Endowment matched, TWICE!

The goal of the campaign is for the WMNF community to raise $200,000 by our deadline in the summer of 2023.

When we reach that goal, WMNF will receive a matching gift of $100,000 from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay*, plus a second match of $100,000 set aside by the WMNF Board of Directors for a total $400,000 to be invested in a new WMNF Endowment Fund.

It’s an ambitious goal, but between your generosity, the match from our board, and the limited-time opportunity made possible by the Community Foundation Tampa Bay Match Program…

We Can Do This!

Don’t want to give online or just cash? We have other ways!





You can donate property, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder after distributions to other beneficiaries. 

*About Community Foundation Tampa Bay

Serving Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties, Community Foundation Tampa Bay is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit that connects people and resources to inspire charitable giving and create a meaningful, lasting impact on our community.

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About WMNF & Socially Responsible Investing

Founded in 1979, WMNF is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit, listener-supported, volunteer-powered media center serving the greater Tampa Bay community and beyond as a rare source of independent news and musical discovery. In keeping with the station’s guidelines for socially responsible investing, WMNF will partner with our financial managers to grow the Endowment Fund in support of the Mission, Vision, and Values we all hold dear.

Not familiar with our Mission and Vision?

Click here to learn more:

Here is a list of donors who have given so far! You have a limited time to get your donation matched by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, so give here!

Thank you!

Adam Harden

Amy Weintraub

Andrea Turnbull

Andrew Ericson

Ann & Jim Doyle

Archie Gianella

Arthur Banks

Bob Appleyard

Cam Hendrix

Cameron Dilley

Cecelia B.

Charles Brennan

Charles Lewis

Charlie MacEachern

Chris Ward


Claude McCleskey

Claudia Cook

Dawn Henrichon

Donna Petersen

Doug Hasell

Douglas Stark Myers Living Trust

Gail & Paul Carroll

Gary & Jane Gibbons

Jack Timmel

Jennica Giroux

Jeremy Anderson

Jennifer Campbell & Jack Ballinger

Jefferson Parker

Jennifer Malin

Jennifer Vogtner

Jim Ahern

Joe Porter

John & Jill in St. Pete

Jose Romero

Joseph Mossey


Karl Petersen

Ken Shur

Kisha Linebaugh

Laura Taylor

Margaret Marchak & Mark Schreier

Marinella Infante

Maureen Coger

Miss Julie

Monte Welton

Nathan Bonilla-Warford

New World Brewery

Pat Cimino

Patrick Jean

Paul Carastro

Robert Potts & Herp Hobby Shop

Robert Uth

Steve & Sharon Hayner

Steve Samaha

Susan Dilley Staub

Susan Hatton

Susan Sampson

Tammy Cappleman

The David & Mary Harbeitner Charitable Gift Fund

The Edymann Family Trinity Fund

Tom Fillion

Vinny Scully

West Chicago Joe

Willis Suddreth

Anonymous (19)