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We run a tight ship here at WMNF, and all the resources we have go towards delivering great radio. Here are some things that would make it easier for us to bring you the radio you love.

If you can help, give us a ring at 813-238-8001. Thanks!

Auction or Chance Drawing Prize Items

WMNF is always having concerts and we give away fun prizes at many of our events. We are looking for businesses that can donate items for prizes or gift certificates for these events. Please contact Miss Julie ([email protected]) if you have a donation suggestion. Or call 813-238-8001, ext 100.

Band Towels

Too many linens in your linen closet? WMNF can use those extra hand towels or smaller sized bath towels for performers at our events. There’s always an event coming up soon.

Bids for Services

WMNF is currently seeking bids from arborists, landscapers who deal with native plants & those who can separate and transplant things we already have growing in our award-winning garden.  You may e-mail [email protected] to submit a bid or call 813-238-8001 for more information.

Canopies or E-Z UP tents

Do you have any extra 10 x 10 pop-up tents or canopies laying around gathering dust? WMNF can use them for our events. We’re happy to put your canopy to good use.

CD & Record Donations

WMNF’s Annual Music Sale, with CDs, DVDs, Stereo Equipment and more will be happening again next year. It isn’t just records anymore. We accept CDs, DVDs, stereo equipment, musical instruments, memorabilia, plus some other music related stuff. Bring your music-related donations by during regular office hours or call ahead and we will schedule a time.

Paper and Copier Paper

Do you have any leftovers from a print job? We can use white or colored printer paper and card stock for various projects. The newsroom uses legal pads or steno notepads.

Food Donations

WMNF is looking for new chefs, caterers or restaurants to help with upcoming fundraisers. We serve our volunteers breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late night meal. (Another great volunteer perk!) We usually have about 25 to 35 volunteers to feed per meal during Membership Drives. We’ll thank you on the air and you get listed on our website, with a link to your business website. Please call Miss Julie 813-865-8261 to schedule a time to donate food.


We’re looking for laptops in good working condition, please. No more than 5 years old. They can be PCs or Intel-based Macs, and able to run (if a PC) Windows 7 or more recent.


WMNF is always seeking more members to share in the expense of keeping us on the air! Become a member today.

Office Supplies

Do you have extra new or gently used office supplies? We’re happy to take pens, pencils, unused paper and other general office supplies.

Restaurants (Food Donations or Gift Certificates)

WMNF is always looking for new food donors for our fundraisers and events. Gift certificates are helpful for premiums, auctions or raffles. It gets your business noticed. Just give us a call to sign up at 813-238-8001 ext.100

Rolling Chairs

We are in need of tall rolling chairs for our studios. Drafting chairs or other chairs with seats about 28 inches high, with wheels, would be much appreciated.


Have you signed up yet? Our success relies on the support of our amazing team of volunteers.  We especially need Green Team members to help in our garden ~ Those who have experience with native plants are a bonus!  Please be in touch, ASAP.  Thanks.

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WMNF is listener-supported. That means we don't advertise like a commercial station, and we're not part of a university.

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WMNF volunteers have fun providing a variety of needed services to keep your community radio station alive and kickin'.

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