Entrance to The Shape of Dreams at the Dali

The Dali museum’s newest exhibition “The Shape of Dreams”

The Dali Museum has a new exhibition called “The Shape of Dreams”. Available the public starting Friday, November 25, 2022 to April 30, 2023.

Small scale monumental concepts: Eduardo Chillida at the Dali Museum

Honey we shrunk the monolith. That could be an alternative title to the new exhibit at the Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg. The Spanish sculptor, Eduardo Chillida, is showcased in the museum’s first sculpture display...

Renowned Mexican painter Frida Kahlo at the Dali Museum

Frida Kahlo, artist and icon, gets her first solo exhibit in Florida. The Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg is featuring 15 original paintings, drawings, sketches, photographs and more. Frida at the Dali is a unique...

Ferran Adria at the Dali Museum: The surreal side of real food

The Dali Museum has cooked up an exhibition aimed to whet all the senses. “Ferran Adrià: The Invention of Food” will showcase the gastronomic genius of Ferran Adria. He like Dali, is a Spaniard hailing...

Local Help & Events for Veterans plus a little History

Wednesday is Veteran’s Day, and there are several organizations stepping forward to help those who have served in the armed forces. There is a Free Dentistry Day at the Village Plaza Dental Designs, where veterans...

Escher dazzles at the Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg

A new art exhibit showcases M.C. Escher ability to make the surreal look real. Saturday 22 August the Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg unveiled an exhibit dedicated to this 20th century Dutch artist. The longer...

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