Florida will step up testing for deer disease

Some deer killed in Florida during two popular hunting days in December must be tested for a contagious disease fatal to the animals.
mosquito malaria

Florida experts say to be ‘vigilant’ about mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illnesses

Floridians need to continue to combat mosquito-borne illnesses as rain from Hurricane Idalia has increased breeding grounds for the insects.
Scientists analyze mosquitoes // Credit CDC 2023

CDC and Sarasota County officials address malaria outbreak

After 2 weeks without new malaria cases, Sarasota County and CDC officials spoke out regarding the outbreak.

Florida braces for more cases of chronic wasting disease in deer

After Florida’s first recorded case of the contagious chronic wasting disease fatal to deer, wildlife officials said other cases are likely.
mosquito malaria

Four malaria cases have been found in Florida’s Sarasota County

The Florida Department of Health issued a statewide “mosquito-borne illness” advisory. 4 cases of malaria were confirmed in Sarasota County.
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School immunizations slide in Florida

Last school year marked a more than 10-year low for Florida’s kindergarten & 7th-grade students completing all doses of required immunizations
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Pinellas Zika patient is a Tampa firefighter

Earlier this month it was announced that a Pinellas County resident was the first Floridian who contracted the Zika virus locally outside southeast Florida; Tuesday morning, during an unrelated press conference, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn...
Zika USF Health

USF Health: Zika is greatest threat to American babies since polio

The Zika virus can cause microcephaly and other birth defects; Charles Lockwood, the senior vice president of USF Health says, “This virus presents an extraordinary challenge to obstetricians and to our patients. And I think...
coral disease

Historic coral disease outbreak spreading in Florida

A newly-published scientific paper describes a massive coral disease outbreak in Florida that is “arguably one of the most lethal ever recorded on a contemporary coral reef.” The lead author of the study, William Precht,...
Mosquito Control fumigation helicopter

Pinellas mosquito control confident it can contain Zika

The first Zika-related case of microcephaly in a baby born in Florida was announced this week. The baby’s mother contracted the mosquito-borne disease outside the U.S. So what can you do to reduce the likelihood...
University of South Florida

Role of climate change & interactions in spread of diseases like Zika

The Zika virus isn’t the only pathogen spreading in Florida; the Tampa Bay Times reports a bacterial disease called Texas Phoenix Palm Decline is infecting trees including date palms and the Tampa area is the...

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