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Feds fire back against Florida and other states on a new Title IX gender rule

The Biden administration urges a judge to reject efforts by Florida and others to block a new federal rule about sex-based discrimination.
migrants / immigration

Florida tangles with the feds over an immigration case

Florida and the federal government disagree on if the state can challenge Biden administration on migrants being released from detention.
abortion access

In Florida, Kamala Harris put a spotlight on abortion politics

The day a Florida law took effect preventing abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, Vice President Kamala Harris campaigned in Jacksonville.
guns gun violence die-in

Florida challenges a Biden administration rule on gun sellers

Florida filed a federal lawsuit challenging a new Biden administration rule that requires more gun sellers to run background checks on buyers.
Andrew Warren suspended by Ron DeSantis

DeSantis insists – but provides no data – that Hillsborough County is safer since he suspended the elected state attorney

Gov. Ron DeSantis contends Hillsborough County is a “safer” place after he suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren.

The Scoop: Wed. April 24th, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Biden speaks in Tampa President Joe Biden came to Tampa to speak about abortion rights Peace activists protest Biden More than one hundred anti-war demonstrators protested against Biden My Safe Florida Home money A bill...
Free Palestine flag

Pro-Palestine peace activists protest Joe Biden in Tampa

More than 100 pro-Palestine anti-war demonstrators protested Joe Biden in Tampa, Florida over his support of Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

DeSantis criticizes Biden’s student loan plan; blasts sociology degree programs

Governor Ron DeSantis is defending the state’s decision to oppose federal student loan forgiveness. The governor contrasted his recommendations with Biden’s proposal on Wednesday. Last year DeSantis suggested that universities should cover debt for borrowers...
migrants at the U.S. border, American flag, barbed wire

A federal appeals court looks at whether Florida has standing to challenge Biden administration immigration policies

A federal appeals court is looking at whether Florida could legally challenge Biden administration immigration policies.
Student loan forgiveness

Florida and other states sue over Joe Biden’s student debt relief

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and others filed a federal lawsuit to block the Biden administration from providing breaks on student-loan debt.
abortion rights rally

Florida Democrats look to the abortion issue for an election boost

Democrats are galvanizing around abortion as a “front and center” issue that they say could affect races up and down the ballot in November.

WMNF News poll on the costs of housing and insurance in Florida

Republicans are more likely to blame the federal government for high insurance costs while Democrats are more likely to blame the state.

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