St. Pete news org introduces AI reporter ‘Cora Quantum’

Listen: A St Petersburg news outlet just hired a new journalist: artificial intelligence. Joe Hamilton is the Editor in Chief for the St. Pete Catalyst. In May, it announced a new journalist named Cora Quantum,...
public records

DeSantis is dismissed from a Washington Post case seeking his travel records

A circuit judge has dismissed Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office from a lawsuit filed by the Washington Post over access to DeSantis’ travel records.
vote voters voting elections Pinellas

The Gabber says a candidate’s campaign manager mentioned a payment for positive coverage

Tom Bixler's campaign manager did not technically attempt to bribe The Gabber reporter, but that an ethical line was crossed.
Tim Burke

Seven months after FBI raid, journalist Tim Burke fights for his day in court

Seven months after FBI agents raided his home and shut down his one-person newsroom, journalist Tim Burke is still waiting for a court hearing to challenge the basis of the search warrant at the heart...
Barbara Petersen

How a tiny non-profit startup broke the year’s biggest Florida politics story

Barbara Petersen, executive director of the Florida Center for Government Accountability, appeared on WMNF WaveMakers.

MidPoint: What’s Scaring Florida Media?

Journalist Ben Montgomery was fired by Axios Media for calling out a DeSantis press agent for sending out propaganda, not press releases. Why are journalists afraid to speak the truth to power?

MidPoint: Bloggers and Pundits Beware!

New legislation proposed by the Republican super-majority would make it easier to suppress free speech in Florida by requiring bloggers who write about the Governor’s administration to register with the State and subject them to...

Dan Ruth is Back & He’s Got  Some Things to Say!

Dan Ruth is Back and He’s got Some Things to Say!

Tim Burke on the Netflix docuseries “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist”

Tim Burke, one of the stars of the popular Netflix series “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist” joined WaveMakers to discuss the two-part documentary that tells the bizarre and disturbing story of how Notre Dame...

Arielle Stevenson is WMNF’s new Senior News Reporter

Arielle Stevenson is WMNF’s new Senior News Reporter beginning Monday, November 29, 2021. She started volunteering at age 16.
Ledger workers hold signs in Lakeland

Unionized newspaper reporters demonstrate in Lakeland, elsewhere

Newspapers are in crisis: budgets are being cut, reporters are getting laid off, and large media conglomerates are merging and even shuttering some newspapers completely. So unionized reporters are fighting back to try to save...
USF St. Pete journalism student Andrea Perez on lead in water

Students find low levels of lead in South St. Pete water

Journalism graduate students at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg have found low levels of lead in drinking water samples taken in the homes of middle school students in South St. Pete. WMNF News...

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