Sarasota woman’s stepson missing after Hamas attack on Israel

One Sarasota woman is searching for her stepson, who is among the missing Israelis after Hamas's deadly attack.
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Pro-Palestine demonstration takes to the streets in Tampa

In Downtown Tampa on Friday nearly 500 protestors gathered at Tampa City Hall to demand a stop to Israeli airstrikes. The war between Israel and Hamas has left more than 4,000 dead. “Netanyahu you can’t...

The Tampa 5 USF Protesters

Two young USF activists, former employee Chrisley Carpio and student Gia Davila, along with 3 other student activists associated with Tampa Students for a Democratic Society, are now facing serious felony charges for protesting Gov....

Statewide vigils protest execution of Duane Owen

Vigils and demonstrations were held across the state on Thursday night to protest the execution of Duane Owen. Listen: A small group gathered on a street corner in Pinellas Park as a part of the...

University of South Florida protestors face court date, felony charges

Listen: Three of the demonstrators arrested after a protest at the University of South Florida faced their first court date today. Before their arraignment, they rallied with supporters outside the courthouse. About 20 demonstrators demanded...

State pushes back in the fight over a Florida protest law

Attorneys for the state told the Florida Supreme Court that a 2021 law about protests that turn violent would not apply to peaceful demonstrators,

WMNF’s daily digest of news headlines for Thursday, March 16th, 2023

Listen: Axios reporter fired Axios reporter Ben Montgomery, a co-host of the WMNF Public Affairs program “The Skinny,” was fired by Axios this week after responding to a Florida Department of Education email about an...

Activist groups speak out after USF police arrests protestors

Four demonstrators were arrested and charged by USF police while protesting at the school. They spoke out at a press conference today.

University of South Florida students protest for administration to do more to protect vulnerable students

  University of South Florida students protested Monday to ensure vulnerable communities are protected in the midst of Gov. DeSantis’s push for change in state colleges. Protesters gathered outside of the University of South Florida’s...
death penalty protest

Florida death penalty opponents protest the execution of Donald Dillbeck

Opponents of the death penalty gathered on Thursday night to protest the execution of convicted murderer Donald Dillbeck.

Black Lives Matter march draws hundreds in Tampa, but organizers say HB1’s chilling effect is already taking hold

 Hundreds of activists gathered at Tampa’s Cyrus Greene Park Saturday for a Black Lives Matter march protesting continued police killings of Black Americans. But the crowd was a long way off from the nearly...

As specter of HB1 looms, St. Pete protestors return to streets demanding justice for Daunte Wright

With the specter of Florida’s HB1 “anti-riot” bill looming, protestors in St. Pete returned to the streets Friday to demand justice for Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old Black man killed by police in a Minneapolis Suburb,...
University of South Florida

Five protesters arrested by USF University Police Department

Police say five people were arrested by the USF University Police Department during a protest Tuesday. WMNF interviewed Jordana Yampolsky. She isn’t a student, but she was detained during today’s protest. “I was made aware...

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