The Birth Of FBI Profiling. A Personal View Of Hong Kong

Ron Franscel – Shadow Man – An Elusive Psycho Killer and the Birth of FBI Profiling On June 25, 1973, a seven-year-old girl went missing from the Montana campground where her family was vacationing. Somebody...
Housing prices / rentals inflation / Homeowner assistance

How Florida homeowners and renters can apply for financial assistance

Financial assistance is available for Florida homeowners and for renters who have been impacted by the COVID-19 economy.

MidPoint: Tampeño provides relief in Ukraine

As the tense war continues between Ukraine and Russia, one Tampa local has helped make an impact and provide relief to those in need. Mark Wright, a local Tampa attorney who recently spent time at...
Members of Tampa SDS protest at USF

USF students protest U.S. intervention in Ukraine

Members of USF's Students for a Democratic Society protested the U.S.'s intervention in Ukraine as well as sanctions on Russia.
Russia Ukraine

Historian puts Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the context of the USSR breakup and NATO expansion

As the Ukraine invasion continues, WMNF looks at the history of disagreements between Russia and the U.S. since the breakup of the USSR.

First, The Unthinkable, Then The Unbelievable. Ukrainian Folk Music Inspired Electronica.

Elizabeth Williamson – Sandy Hook – An American Tragedy And The Battle For Truth Based on hundreds of hours of research, interviews, and access to exclusive sources and materials, Sandy Hook is Elizabeth Williamson’s landmark investigation of...

MidPoint: War from the perspective of Ukrainian students

While the problems of Florida's legislative decisions continue to loom over the state this week, the war in Ukraine continues with no certain end in sight. On Wednesday, MidPoint host Shelley Reback spoke to two...

Surly Voices: On biases, aggressions and Ukraine

Starting the show by saying “there is too much happening, and we all need to work harder to make sure that nothing else happens”, Surly hosts Donna, Amina and Liz spent last Thursday morning the...

Surly Voices: Global scares and silenced discussions

The news from all over the globe has not only been bleak, it’s bordered on downright terrifying. Whether the location is across the globe or in our backyard, it affects the whole of society. This...

Veteran journalist Marvin Kalb;Environmentalists want more action to clean up Lake Okeechobee

BY Rob Lorei Our First guest on Radioactivity is national security expert and journalist Marvin Kalb. Kalb is a former correspondent for  CBS News and Meet the Press, reporting extensively on US/Russian Relations during his 50 year...

Russian involvement in Syria might be diverting attention from Russian plans for Eastern Europe

Professor of Russian History warns the Syrian crisis might be just one move in a chess game being played by Vladimir Putin. Last evening in Saint Petersburg, Bill Parsons, professor emeritus of history and Russian...

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