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Governor signs seven bills including those related to skin cancer screening and parking

Ron DeSantis signed seven bills, including measures related to the regulation of private parking facilities and skin cancer screening.

Manatee County delays plans for affordable housing for veterans

Listen: The Manatee County Commission is delaying moving forward with a project to house veterans. Earlier this month, they heard the proposal to use county-owned property for affordable housing. The plan would have created a...

Veterans can receive additional benefits due to broader eligibility for victims of toxic exposure

The PACT Act was signed into law a year ago by President Joe Biden. It expands eligibility for VA health care for Veterans with toxic exposures and Veterans of the Vietnam, Gulf War, and post-9/11...

“LEST WE FORGET” on Morning Energy

Election Day is one of the most important days in American History because it provides an opportunity for citizens to exercise their Democratic right to vote. Election day has been occurring in the United States since the late...

Exploring honey bees and native bees with Angela Rodríguez Díaz

Angela is a backyard beekeeper and due to her physical limitations as a disabled veteran, has designed horizontal bee boxes.

“Lest We Forget” on Morning Energy

“Lest we forget” is a phrase commonly used in remembrance of soldiers who lost their lives in warfare. The phrase is believed to have originated from the poem, “Recessional” by Rudyard Kipling . For decades...

A traveling memorial to veterans is coming to Tampa Bay; we talk with vets about mental health support

Veterans Day is Thursday, November 11. On Tuesday Café with Seán Kinane this week, we focus on Veterans' issues, especially mental health.
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Tampa panel criticizes Trump’s “dangerous” immigration orders

In addition to new deportation rules announced Tuesday, the Trump administration is expected any day to update its ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries that a court has put on hold. It’s a combination...

Trump’s Inauguration and Upcoming Veterans for Common Sense Award Dinner

WMNF 88.5FM’s Radioactivity with Rob Lorei 1 -23-17 Coming up toady we’ll hear Florida This Week from this past Friday night on WEDU-TV where we talked about the inauguration of President Donald Trump. And we’re...

Legal advice for veterans seeking benefits on Radioactivity Friday

On Radioactivity Friday we spent the whole hour with Richard K. Hurley, Jr. and David C. Cory, of the Cory and Hurley Law Group, a local law firm that specializes in cases involving active military...
Jolly Crist Congress

Jolly and Crist differ on guns, campaign money & Clinton

A closely-watched race for Congress in Pinellas County, Florida could be an opportunity for Democrats to pick up a House seat; Republican Congress member David Jolly faces an uphill battle in his newly-redrawn district against former Florida Governor Charlie...
CENTCOM Commander Austin.

Operation: Reveille gives veterans homes in Tampa

About fifty veterans who were homeless Wednesday morning now have a place to live, thanks to a program called Operation: Reveille. Inside a giant cruise terminal at Port Tampa Bay dozens of social service organizations set...

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