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The Scoop: WMNF’s daily digest of news headlines for Tuesday, July 18th, 2023

Deadly daytime shootout According to a press release, yesterday Tampa Police killed a man in a shootout as officers responded to the 2800 block of N. 35th Street. According to police, the suspect fired on...
City of Tampa storm sewer drain cover. By Seán Kinane/WMNF News

Tampa urges residents to keep fat, oil, grease, and wet wipes out of drains

Listen: This hurricane season, the City of Tampa is urging residents to keep leftover fat, oil, grease, and especially wet wipes out of the drain. At a wastewater plant in Tampa, a technician removes a...

Tampa Bay gets EPA grant money to help environment

Listen: Disadvantaged areas in the Tampa Bay area are set to receive money for environmental improvements because of a series of measures passed during the Biden administration. These grants provide a wide range of benefits...

Sustainable Living: Water purification and wastewater treatment

This week we talked with Dr. Kebreab Ghebremichael and we talked about how we promote a balance of people, profit and planet.
Hillsborough River (cropped)

Why have environmentalists and community leaders turned against Tampa’s plan to recycle treated wastewater?

Environmentalists & community leaders wanted to work with Tampa on options for reusing wastewater. But now they oppose the mayor's PURE plan.

Tampa will discuss water reuse plan that has been called “toilet to tap”

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor is proposing a plan to reuse partially treated wastewater and the total cost could be $500 million.
Sea oats WMNF News

Tampa responds to claims of pollution violations at wastewater plant

An environmental nonprofit is accusing the City of Tampa of dozens of spills and other violations at its main wastewater treatment plant. But the city “categorically denies” the allegations. The Florida director of Public Employees...
sewage dump sign St. Petersburg Gulfport Florida

New documentary on St. Pete sewage crisis

There’s a new documentary on the wastewater dumping problem in St. Petersburg; it’s called St. Pete Unfiltered, and we spoke with the filmmaker. The documentary looks at a series of massive dumps of sewage, partially...
stormwater, sewage

Pros and cons of reopening the Whitted wastewater plant

One proposed solution to St. Petersburg’s wastewater treatment capacity problem is to re-open a facility that was closed in 2015; the Tampa Bay Times recently reported on a draft investigation from the Florida Fish and...
wastewater sewage

St. Pete says its stormwater capacity can handle big storms

Update, Thursday 13 July 2017:  The day after announcing its largest wastewater treatment plant was prepared for another major rain event, the City of St. Petersburg had an overflow of about 50,000 gallons of “mostly...
industrial toxins wastewater

Will Hillsborough increase allowed levels of industrial toxins in wastewater?

Hillsborough County is considering an ordinance to deal with wastewater; environmentalists say overall that’s a good thing but there’s concern about one aspect: a proposal to allow higher levels of some industrial toxins in wastewater...
Pinellas Legislative Delegation

Pinellas legislators still pondering a fix for sewage dumping

In Pinellas County during Hurricane Hermine this summer more than a quarter-billion gallons of raw and partially treated wastewater was dumped into Tampa Bay and other natural areas. The causes were record rainfall coupled with...

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