Coffeeland. Restoring Eden.

Augustine Sedgewick – Coffeeland: One Man’s Dark Empire and the Making of Our Favorite Drug What do you know about coffee? A wonderful new book will change how you look at – or taste coffee...

Florida braces for more cases of chronic wasting disease in deer

After Florida’s first recorded case of the contagious chronic wasting disease fatal to deer, wildlife officials said other cases are likely.

Director of wildlife sanctuary addresses gator attacks and relocating the facility

Amy Kight, executive director of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, in Jupiter, Florida, discusses the recent deadly alligator attack in Fort Pierce, and their relocation plans.

Biologist-Author Tom Mustill describes whale landing on him while kayaking, how it transformed him personally and professionally

Tom Mustill, who’s a biologist, filmmaker, and author, discusses how he’s forever primarily identified by a 2015 incident: while kayaking with a friend, a humpback whale breached, and landing on the pair.

Emily McCormack’s lifelong commitment to saving tigers

Emily McCormack, the Animal Curator at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, describes this sanctuary housing mostly big cats, and her lifelong zeal for saving tigers.

An organizer of the recent Florida Birding and Nature Festival enthuses about the joys of birding

Ann Paul, an organizer of the recent Florida Birding and Nature Festival, recalls with great enthusiasm how she first became interested in birds.

Katrina Shadix, founder of Bear Warriors United, discusses her efforts in bear advocacy: education, legislation, and what to do if you encounter a bear

Katrina Shadix—founder and executive director of Bear Warriors United (BWU), whose stated mission is to preserve and protect bears, and in carrying out that mission, engages in an array of advocacy and educational efforts—recounts her...

Acclaimed doc filmmaker discusses shooting new wildlife series examining exceptional human/animal relationships, “The Bond”

Don Argott discusses “The Bond,” the new wildlife series he co-directed--now streaming on DiscoveryPlus--examining the exceptional animal-human connection forged amongst four folks and critters, from disparate backgrounds and regions of the world

Opossum expert addresses misconceptions–and important facts–about the marsupials

Ally Burguieres— an opossum advocate and rehabilitator, whose passion to protect and serve, and heal, these marsupials is reflected in a recent HuffPost piece and in her new book, “Possums Are Not Cute! And Other...

Director of World’s Busiest Wildlife Hospital Discusses Facility’s History, Procedures and Challenges

Phil Jenni—executive director of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (WRC) in Minnesota, considered the world’s busiest wildlife hospital—addresses in a recent “Talking Animals” interview how that “world’s busiest” title is determined, noting that it’s the product...

Wildlife ecologist chronicles battle that’s erupted between Tampa’s Westchase community and vultures

Danielle Hall—a wildlife ecologist, who, drawing on her professional expertise and her longtime personal passion for animals, has stepped into an intense humans-versus-animals battle that’s erupted over vultures in a Tampa neighborhood—explains in a “Talking...

Veterinarian Discusses her Unusual Career Treating Wildlife and Caring For Pets

Dr. Heather Johnston—a veterinarian who serves as the Medical Director at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, a multifaceted operation in Jupiter, Florida that, in celebration of March being Women’s History Month, was slated to present a “Women...

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