“TAKING OWNERSHIP” on Morning Energy

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FUBAR is a spy adventure action-comedy series created for NETFLIX which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger who plays the character Luke Brunner who tries to win back his wife after a strained marriage and infidelity tore them apart.  In an interview, Schwarzenegger joked that the series felt like a documentary.

For 25 years, Schwarzenegger was married to award-winning news anchor Maria Shriver.  However, infidelity with a longtime housekeeper and a loved child would eventually lead to their separation in 2011 and eventual divorce in 2021.

In an interview with SiriusXM radio show host Howard Stern, Schwarzenegger took ownership of his actions and said that it was “without a doubt the biggest setback and the biggest failure in my life”.

It has been said, “Until you take ownership for your life, you will always be chasing happiness.”   On Morning Energy, we are going to spend time exploring the various ways that we can be more proactive in taking ownership in the various areas of our lives.

Join me, Renna Reddick  Fridays from 4 to 6 a.m. for a special musical journey about this topic! I’m definitely looking forward to spending time with you on the airwaves and sharing your energy!!

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