The Right To Protest

Patro Mabili, Moderator. Community Speaks WMNF and on Facebook.

The Tampa 5, female protesters arrested at USF, will not face trial but have agreed to community service as part of a year-long diversion program. Why did the police escalate the physical contact if there is a right to protest? Was there a free-speech zone? In South Florida, Broward County, some high-school students staged a walk-out. The walkout took place a day after five school staffers, including the principal, were reassigned for reportedly allowing a trans student on the girls volleyball team. The youth are pushing back against right-wing attempts to roll back progress on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Callers share their concerns and ideas to stand up for your rights and for progress.

Also, we began a discussion about law-makers proposing to make December 1 Rosa Parks Day to commemorate the day of her arrest.

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