The Scoop: Tues. July 2nd, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF


Supreme Court rules absolute immunity for presidential acts

For the first time, The Supreme Court has ruled former presidents have immunity from criminal prosecution for official acts. Florida Democrats are not happy with this.

More discussion on the financial statement for abortion ballot measure

The panel will meet again on July 8 to try and agree on a financial impact statement that would appear on the ballot with the amendment.

Florida classrooms will see changes as new laws go into effect

WMNF’s Tyler Oldano reports a few laws that went into effect Monday that center around education and how it could bring major changes to Florida classrooms.

Freedom Month is here, and residents won’t have to pay sales tax on many items

Floridians will not have to pay sales tax on certain sporting and entertainment items for the entire month. The tax relief will end on July 31

The Scoop: Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

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WMNF anchors Chris Young, Lisa Marzilli, Josh Holton, Seán Kinane
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WMNF reporters Chris Young, Lisa Marzilli, Josh Holton, Seán Kinane, Colleen Cole
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