Videos from WMNF’s Little Manatee River Jam 2015!

Ari and the Alibis

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Here are some of the videos from the Little Manatee River Jam on 21 & 22 November 2015. Who were your favorites?

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Ari & the Alibis 1

Ari & the Alibis 2

Ari & the Alibis 3

Talk to Mark

Under the Willow 1 (Day 2)

Under the Willow 2 (Day 2)

Under the Willow 3 (Day 2)

Dean Johanesen

The Hummingbirds 1

The Hummingbirds 2

Under the Willow 1 (Day 1)

Under the Willow 2 (Day 1)

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