WMNF Listeners Top 100 Songs Day

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By Craig Kopp, WMNF GM

So Tuesday August 25th we are going to have a little fun on the air here at WMNF.

Of course, we always have a little fun on the air here at WMNF.

But this time there’s a method to our madness.

We are heading into the end of our fiscal year… and we want to make sure we finish the year strong financially.

But we didn’t want to go on the air and just ask you for money.  We wanted to do some special… something that really reminds you why you support WMNF with your contributions.

That’s why – from 6A to 8P on August the 25th – we’re going to be playing the top 100 songs ever.

Now, they’re not the songs the staff of WMNF has chosen. They are the songs you have chosen through a survey we conducted the last couple of months.

Yeah, I know, there will be a lot of arguing over the top 100 songs. There would be arguing no matter how the list was generated. That’s part of the fun of making these lists in the first place.

But I guarantee you my ears are going to be glued to the radio all day long to hear what you guys and gals have decided are the top 100 songs.

And I know it will be a great trip down memory lane for a lot of you when you think about when you first head that song on the best little radio station in the world – WMNF 88.5 FM.

And when that good vibe hits you, I’m asking you to go to the phone or your computer and make a pledge of support to WMNF.

We’re looking to raise $25,000 on this Best 100 Songs day. That will really help make this fiscal year a success at WMNF.

And being fiscally secure means WMNF can keep on helping you discover the next greatest 100 songs of all time. We’re sending all the donors a greatest songs coaster too, so you know that we know how great you are!