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Poets of the Month

WMNF supports and gives a platform to local artists around the Tampa Bay area. If you’re a poet who would like to be featured throughout our airwaves and website, we’d love to hear from you! You can apply HERE.

WMNF’s Poet of the Month is Gemini Fox!

Listen to poem “I Searched For My Name” by Gemini Fox below

Gemini Fox is the love child of Dr. Seuss and Maya Angelou. She speaks in poetic parables. Born Stephanie Jackson, she hails from the island of Saint Lucia, and currently calls Florida home. Sea water runs through her veins, she speaks to butterflies and they understand her. An affiliate of Growhouse Tampa, and a member of the Deadly Pens of Colorado, she is that spot in the center of the Olympic rings belonging everywhere and nowhere all at once. She enjoys touching hearts and souls through her words.

Alice Saunders and D-Rod of WMNF’s Poetry Is (Sundays @ 8pm) were able to talk to Gemini about what led her to become a spoken word poet, as well as hearing her perspective as an artist of Tampa Bay. Here is their conversation:

  1. What percentage of influence does your Caribbean culture have on your Poetry..?  10% or 50%? What # would you choose?

    If I’m being honest with myself, my Caribbean culture influenced 50% of my writing, the other 50% is based on my perceived position and experiences as an African-American in US culture.

  2. We sometimes (as poets) draw inspiration from our own experiences, and sometimes we comment on things we’ve seen/heard… Which do you do more?

    I draw inspiration from everything. However, my inspiration comes mostly from my own personal experiences and how I am affected by the world around me.

  3. Which would you rather, if you could choose?

    If I could choose, I would rather my writing be influenced by my own experiences. It would be a record of my personal growth, the trials, and triumphs that are common to each person regardless of origin, identity, socioeconomic status, or race.

  4. Name a place city/state/country/venue that you haven’t performed at yet, but one day you hope to grace its stage.

    I would have to say that the stage and place matters less than the people that I would love to share the experience of performing with. Poets like Miles Hodges, Obbie West, Jamie Dawson, Corey Riotz and Dennis Amadeus. I would be honored to share a stage with any one of these talented spoken word artists.

  5. What is it about Poetry that keeps you writing?

    Poetry is my purest expression of my truest self. It allows me to be vulnerable and transparent with no shame. As long as I’m alive there will always be a reason to write.

Want to be WMNF’s next Poet of the Month? Apply HERE!