Women’s Show 2/8 Winter Fund Drive – YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO SHINE. Clips from some of your Favorite Guests

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Tomorrow we need to hear from you!

You hear from us every week bringing you information, guests, critical topics.  From a Woman’s Point of View is a unique show.  It is the only program in the Southeast that is by and about women.  I would hope that you noticed that I did not say women’s issues.  The concerns of women are the concerns of us all.  Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights.

Tune in tomorrow (Thursday) at 10 to hear short clips from some of your favorite guests:  Arnie Arnesen, Toni Van Pelt and Dr. Lynn Ringenberg.  This is your chance to show how much you value From a Woman’s Point of View and WMNF.  You can contribute now or call during the show at 813-238-8001.

Again, thanks for your support!

Mary and Arlene

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