Women’s Show Discusses Recovery in Orlando and TPP

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By Arlene Engelhardt

How are the people in Orlando doing?

With the funerals, the memorials and the press conferences, the broken threads of life need to be restored to the fabric of the living – all in all, a very difficult time.  Ida Eskamani, Equality Florida’s North and Central Florida Development Officer,will talk about the aftermath of this tragedy on tomorrow’s show.

 Be sure to check the Pride events in St. Petersburg – now and through this weekend.  Particularly note the parade on Saturday and the street fair Sunday.  https://www.stpetepride.com/en    

TPP – will it benefit the “average” person?

While the events of the moment are taking our breath away, we cannot forget the major elections coming up.  With all the hoopla of the personalities, keep your eye on the issues.  Trans-Pacific Partnership – remember it?  It’s being mentioned prominently by the presidential candidates, but not by much of anyone else.  Don’t forget that the president has Fast Track authority, and the rumors are that he is preparing protocol for the passage.  Make no bones about it, this is a “major,” and our most powerful political leaders are pretty firmly behind TPP.  Linda Brewster from the Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership of MoveOn, and a member of the Trade Justice Alliance Call Team, will update us Thursday.

Tune into From a Woman’s POV Thursday at 10 am.