The FCC killed net neutrality. What’s next?

net neutrality / FCC

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The FCC has killed net neutrality; we look at what’s next — we hear what two FCC Commissioners said just before their vote, our guest in the studio talked about next steps for people who still want to save net neutrality.

Last Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission, FCC, voted along party lines to reverse Obama-era net neutrality rules.

We hear the pre-vote speeches by FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel (a Democrat) and FCC Chair Ajit Pai (a Republican).

Our guest in the studio was Laila Abdelaziz, with Fight for the Future, a group working to save net neutrality. On it’s website, it’s described as “A nonprofit working to expand the internet’s power for good.”

Listen to the show:


Here’s audio we didn’t have time for from FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn (D) :



  • Ricky Bell

    I called on this program on 12/18/2017 and comments start at 38.03 minutes into the show regarding me receiving a new internet charge on my Frontier bill that received on 12/16/2017 after the repeal of Net Neutrality. The host read the Frontier expanation of the never been on my telephone charge “Internet Infrastruture Subcharge.” He seemingly downplayed my concern that real will was a set-up that will allow the internet providers to charge whatever prices and have whatever internet content without regulations. Let me respones to the host, I have a combined internet and telephone package with Frontier, I had the same telphone number for 32 years and the same internet service for 15 years and was not given the usual two to three advance notice of a price increase with totally new charge. YOU TELL ME THIS IS NOT THE RESULT OF NET NEUTRALITY BEING REPEAL AND THE INTERNET COMPANIES MONTHS IN ADVANCE THE VOTES OF THE FCC WAS THERE TO REPEAL.

    • GMT

      I also have Frontier, and last month and now this, my bill is higher with “fees” I did not recognize. Frontier is awful and it is evident to me that in their first year they raised all sorts of fees and provided less, for example now you must pay for tech support. But my bill was the same, until recently. I have to agree with Mr. Bell I think we who use cable service are in for a difficult time with the repeal of net neutrality. This is the second month I now have to call Frontier to find out why this month my bill again is different and higher.